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MSP Marketing Tools: Top 7 Free Picks for Powerful Marketing

In this article you'll find MSP marketing tools that can help you deploy campaigns across multiple marketing channels, automate marketing operations and track the success of your efforts.

Website Analytics

As we explain in our beginner's guide to MSP marketing, having a website is paramount for MSPs large and small. But how do you make sure your MSP website is actually meeting its goals from a marketing perspective?

For that, you need to be able to collect data like the number of sessions your website hosts, average page view time, bounce rate and so on. This information will help you to understand how many people visit your website, where they come from and how long they spend there. It also helps you identify which types of content are most effective in attracting and sustaining visitors. You can use the first two tools from our list for analyzing that.

Google Analytics is Google’s own tool for monitoring websites sessions, bounce rates, session durations and more. You can use Google Analytics Academy to learn how to use Google's measurement tools.

Hotjar lets you track visitor journeys on your website. It displays heat maps, click maps, scroll maps and the like, giving you a window into the way in how prospects actually interact with your site.

Google Analytics and Hotjar both offer free plans designed for small websites. For larger sites with higher traffic volumes, you can upgrade to a paid plan.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is critical for helping to ensure that digital content appears in search results for the queries that are relevant to you. And while SEO can sometimes feel like an art more than a science (partly because the search companies don’t reveal public details about how their algorithms actually work), there are tools to help you perform SEO magic:
Google Search Console provides insights into which search terms are driving users to your website, or specific parts of it.

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin scans your site content and generates a checklist of recommendations to improve readability, optimize page titles and meta descriptions and so on. As its name suggests, it only works with WordPress.

Google Search Console is free. Yoast offers free and paid plans.

Email Marketing

MSP email markeitng can be tedious to execute if you attempt to manage it by hand. You’ll waste huge amounts of time if you try to maintain email lists manually or send marketing emails individually. Plus, you won’t be able to measure things like open rate or click rate for emails you send out.

MailChimp, which offers a free plan, is one tool designed to automate email marketing campaigns. It provides easy-to-use templates that can be used to create appealing email designs, as well as analytics tools for measuring email performance.

Check out these marketing templates that we created to help MSPs sell Microsoft 365 as a managed service: 

MSP's Marketing Templates for Selling Microsoft 365
MSP's Marketing Templates for Selling Microsoft 365
Download a set of free white-label templates designed to help MSPs sell Microsoft 365 as a managed service.
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Social Media

To leverage social media effectively for MSP marketing purposes, you need not just to set up accounts, but also to keep them active by posting regularly. That can require a lot of effort if you do it by hand (especially if you have to post to multiple social media platforms at once).
On this front, Hootsuite helps by automating social media posts. With a few clicks, you can schedule posts at a time of your choosing, and Hootsuite will automatically publish them across any platforms you select. It supports most major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Hootsuite offers a free plan, but it lets you work with only three social media accounts at once.

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Writing Good Headlines

Like it or not, headlines can make or break the success of marketing content. Even the best-written blog post or Facebook post may not attract many readers or shares if it has an uncompelling headline. (Check out our article with 100 MSP Content Ideas for inspiration on marketing content.)

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Capitalize My Title Analyzer scans headlines and gives them a score based on factors such as readability and SEO. And it’s free!


Marketing your MSP business requires work. Fortunately, however, a variety of MSP marketing tools exist to make that work easier. And while many of them cost money to use for large-scale purposes, they’re free if you use them on a small scale. That means there is no excuse for failing to give these MSP marketing tools a try and see how much efficiency they can add to your marketing operations.

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