MSP360 Managed Backup.
Simple. Reliable.

Powerful cross-platform backup and disaster recovery that leverages the public cloud to enable a comprehensive data protection strategy.

MSP360 Managed Backup.<br /> Simple. Reliable.
For Cloud, Virtual And Physical Workloads
Free Web-Based Remote Access Included
Endpoint Threat Prevention
Save 50% of storage space with FFI

Data Protection for MSPs
And IT Teams

MSP360 Managed Backup is an easy-to-use solution with centralized management, monitoring, reporting and free web-based remote access. The platform is natively integrated with AWS, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, and Microsoft Azure to enable best-in-class data protection for Windows, Linux, macOS, VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace.

Free Web-Based Remote Access for Windows

Take advantage of the free and lightning-fast web-based remote access solution and resolve any issues instantly. No additional license is required.

How It Works

backup scheme
Webinars 30 min

Getting Started With MSP360 Managed Backup

Join us for a webinar where we demonstrate how MSP360 can help you grow your business and how easy it is to back up data to the cloud storage of choice with MSP360 Managed Backup

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Features and Flexibility

File Backup

Make sure the most important files are backed up regularly in case of hardware malfunction or accidental deletion.
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Image-Based Backup

Get highly reliable, fast and easy-to-use backup images that can be deployed to virtually any type of recovery target with MSP360.
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Desktop Backup

Protect your desktop data from hardware and software failures with the desktop backup solution by MSP360.
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Server Backup

Fast and efficient server backup and recovery with MSP360.
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Proud to be a G2 leader

Learn Why MSPs Choose Us
Proud to be a G2 leader

Total Endpoint Security With MSP360 Managed Backup and Deep Instinct

Adopt a prevention-first approach and mitigate risks before they arise with revolutionary deep-learning cybersecurity technology from Deep Instinct. Simply activate a Deep Instinct license within MSP360 Managed Backup to enable a multilayered approach to threat prevention and protection.

See Deep Instinct and MSP360 Managed Backup in Action
Total Endpoint Security With MSP360 Managed Backup and Deep Instinct


Once signed up for MSP360™ Backup, you get immediate access to the control panel. Free web-based remote access included.

Use your own cloud storage or the free 1 TB of trial storage for 30 days from MSP360. 15-day trial for backup licenses.
No Contract Required
Pay Monthly Or Annually
Cumulative Discount
No Platform Fees
Desktop Server MS SQL Server MS Exchange Ultimate Virtual Server MS365/Google
Operating Systems
Windows 7/8/10/11
Windows Server
Linux (file-level only)
MacOS (file-level only)
VMware, Hyper-V
Backup Types
File-System Backup
Image Based Backup
MS SQL Server Backup
MS Exchange Backup
GSuite / Office365
Network Share Backup1 share1 share1 share1 shareUnlimited1 share
Web-Based Remote Access FREE
Licensed Perendpointendpointendpointendpointendpointhost (2 sockets included)user

Flexible Storage Options with MSP360 Managed Backup

Amazon Web Services
Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
Backblaze B2
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
MSP360 + S3 Standard S3 Standard S3 Intelligent-Tiering S3 Standard-Infrequent Access S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval S3 Glacier Deep Archive
Price Per 1 TB$23 flatfrom $23$10-$23$12.50$10$4$3.60$0.99
API CallsFreePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid
Data Egress FeeFreeFreePaidPaidPaidPaidPaidPaid
Minimum Retention Period30 days30 days90 days90 days180 days
MSP360 Managed Backup + AWS
Object Lock Support (Immutability)
File and Image-Based Backup
Synthetic Full Backup

Flexible Backup Management in MSP360 Managed Backup

One of the most important characteristics of any backup solution is flexibility. There are no two companies with the same IT infrastructure, and the solution should be able to work with any options set. From this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to customize MSP360 Managed Backup solution taking advantage of its benefits:
  • One-Stop-Shop Console
  • Multi-Platform Flexible Backup
  • Extensive Backup Management Capabilities
  • Scalability
  • And more
Flexible Backup Management in MSP360 Managed Backup

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MSP360 Managed Backup.
Simple. Reliable.