Windows Server Backup With MSP360

Backing up your server data using MSP360 Managed Backup is simple and versatile. Backups and restores are processed much faster, and your data gets checked for validity several times, which ensures that you will be able to restore it whenever you need.

Windows Server Backup with MSP360
Fast and Efficient
Server Backup and Recovery
Optimized Storage Size with GFS
Ensure Recoverability
with Restore Verification

Seamless Server Backup With MSP360

Servers are generally considered to be reliable. However, system failures or natural disasters such as fires can ruin your business and cause irreversible data loss. Manual server backups are not an option, as they take up too much time and human resources. What is even more important, they put your data at risk of loss due to human error.

Learn why you need to back up your Windows servers and explore the ins and outs of server backup with MSP360 Managed Backup.

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Seamless Server Backup With MSP360

Make the Most of Your Windows Server Backups With MSP360

Improve Efficiency With Server Backups and MSP360

Fast, Efficient And Direct Backups

Image-based server backups are usually considered to be slow leading to various issues with images’ accuracy. MSP360 has developed a new approach to image-based backup, based on the concept of archiving to get rid of this problem
Fast, Efficient And Direct Backups

Save Time And Bandwidth

Discover duplicate blocks of files on a target endpoint and transfer only unique parts to the storage with client-side deduplication
Save Time And Bandwidth

Maximum Flexibility To Recover Data

Recover to physical, virtual, cloud platform or on-premises infrastructure
Maximum Flexibility To Recover Data

Fast File-Level Restore

Restore files or folders from your image and get the benefits of file-level backup while still creating solid images
Fast File-Level Restore

Advanced Protection

AES encryption with key sizes of 128, 192 and 256 bits and 2FA is supported with MSP360 Managed Backup
Advanced Protection

Easy-To-Manage Backup Solution

Don’t babysit your Windows server backups – spend less time on configuring, scheduling and automating backups with the intuitive and simple interface of the web control panel
Easy-To-Manage Backup Solution

Server Backup FAQ

Why should I back up servers?
The main reasons why backing up your server with a third-party solution like MSP360 Managed Backup are: maintaining business continuity in the event of a power outage or a natural disaster; prevention of data loss; and avoiding the consequences of hardware failure.
What versions of Windows Server are supported?
We support Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2/2016/2019/2022.
How do I run my first server backup with MSP360?
Find the required server in the list of endpoints, click the gear icon on the right, and navigate to the Show plans section. Click the plus icon and follow the wizard to configure your backup plan.
Can I test the solution and see if it fits my requirements?
Sure, you can try server backup with MSP360 Managed Backup during a fully functional 15-day free trial, with unlimited free storage included for 30 days.
Do I need a separate license to create server backups?
Yes, server backups are available with the Server and Ultimate licenses.
Where can I find pricing?
Visit our cost calculator to estimate the pricing for the number of endpoints required.

Windows Server Backup
With MSP360