Web-Based Remote Access With MSP360

Connect to Windows remote devices directly from your browser without installing an application on your computer.

Web-Based Remote Access With MSP360
Browser-based connections
Centralized management
Access multiple computers simultaneously
Designed for MSPs and businesses
Free with MSP360 Backup and RMM

Make the Most of Your MSP360 Managed Connect

To ensure the stable operation of a company, its IT infrastructure must work without interruption. In order to minimize risks, specialists need to be able to remotely connect to devices in order to quickly solve any problem that has arisen.

In this guide, we talk about why MSP360 Managed Connect is one of the best solutions for connecting to remote devices and share the best practices for using it.

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Make the Most of Your MSP360 Managed Connect

Fast and Easy Access to Windows Devices via a Browser

Frequently Asked Questions About Web-based Remote Access

Can several admins access one remote computer at the same time?
Yes, multiple admins can join one session.
What browsers and OS support web connection?

The following browsers and OS are currently supported:

- Chrome (Windows, Linux, macOS)
- Firefox (Windows, Linux, macOS)
- Edge (Windows, Linux, macOS)
- Safari (macOS)
Is it possible to establish multiple remote sessions at a time?
Yes, each session will be opened in a separate browser window. The number of remote sessions is unlimited.
Where can I find pricing details for web-based remote access?
Web-based remote access is part of MSP360 Managed Connect . Also, web-based remote access as a feature is available for backup users for free. Visit our cost calculator to estimate the pricing for your environment.

Web-Based Remote
Access With MSP360