Windows Backup
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Simple and secure software designed to help MSPs and IT professionals to avoid downtime and data loss on Windows-based computers.

Windows Backup With MSP360

Automate Your Windows
Cloud Backups

Ensure Data Protection

Use Cloud Storage
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Get outstanding level
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Windows Backup. Fast and Secure

Optimize your Windows backup routines and maximize the chances of successful data recovery. Design a simple and efficient backup and restore strategy with best practices covered in this guide.
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Windows Backup. Fast and Secure

Free Web-Based Remote Access for Windows

Take advantage of the free and lightning-fast web-based remote access solution and resolve any issues instantly. No additional license is required.

Feature-Rich Windows Backup Software

Windows Cloud Backup That Fits All Your Requirements

Total Backup Visibility

Missed or failed backups can cause downtime and data loss. Protect your or your clients’ data proactively with Windows cloud backup and meet the compliance requirements
Total Backup Visibility

Backup Automation

Setting up regular backups manually is a time-consuming task. Automate your backups to significantly reduce the time spent on backup jobs management
Backup Automation

Ensure Business Continuity

Being prepared for any unexpected changes in the business landscape is hard. By running Windows backups timely, you can easily minimize the risk of disruptions and reduce downtime significantly
Ensure Business Continuity

Scheduling And Retention Policies

Pre-configured backups can’t meet your or your clients’ data protection and business needs. Set up preferable scheduling and data retention settings with a fully customizable Windows backup solution
Scheduling And Retention Policies

Better Than Windows Native Backup

Native Windows backup is good for a small infrastructure, but for a bigger organization or an MSP you need a more feature-rich and flexible Windows backup tool – like MSP360 Managed Backup
Better Than Windows Native Backup

Optimized for MSPs

Build customer loyalty and trust with product rebranding using our MSP Windows backup software. Have full control over your expenses with special pricing and no hidden fees or vendor lock-in
Optimized for MSPs

Advanced Security

Enhance data protection with backup encryption. MSP360 Managed Backup supports AES encryption with key sizes of 128, 192 and 256 bits
Advanced Security

Windows Backup FAQ

What are Windows backup best practices?
First, classify your data and pick the most suitable data backup destinations. Second, specify your backup plan and design an appropriate backup schedule. Third, calculate your RTO and RPO , and estimate your costs of downtime. Finally, always follow a 3‑2‑1 backup strategy .
What is MSP360 Managed Backup?
Intuitive and cost-effective backup software designed for MSPs and SMBs with centralized management, monitoring and reporting.
How can I start backups with MSP360 Managed Backup?
Install agents on your target computer, create backup plans and start your first backup job.
Where can I find pricing?
You can calculate your price on this page .
Is MSP360 Managed Backup HIPAA compliant?
MSP360 Managed Backup is HIPAA compliant as we encrypt data on transmit and at rest. We also as a company don't have access to your customer data.
Which devices can I back up with MSP360 Managed Backup?
MSP360 Managed Backup supports Windows, Linux and macOS devices.

Windows Backup With
MSP360 Managed Backup