Simple. Profitable.

Simplify IT management with painless remote monitoring and management built for MSPs and IT professionals.

Remote Monitoring and Management for MSPs and IT Teams

MSP360 RMM helps MSPs and IT professionals manage all aspects of their IT infrastructures. MSP360 RMM is an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform that comes with a single dashboard for system performance and resources monitoring, patch management, remote access, scripting, and more.

Main Features

MSP360 RMM is feature-rich and ready for action.
System Resource Monitoring
View details of each computer’s hardware, its CPU model, operating system, and more
Antivirus Management
Check the status of the installed antivirus application, update databases, see when the system was scanned last time, and start the scan process remotely
Performance Monitoring
View details of the computer’s CPU and memory usage, free disk space, and more
Windows Patch Management
Select and install available Windows updates
PowerShell Scripting
Execute PowerShell commands or deploy PowerShell scripts right through the RMM
Remote Access
Сonnect to desktops and servers and provide support for your customers with a simple remote-access tool
MSP360 RMM Overview
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Painless remote monitoring and management built for MSPs and IT Professionals.
We combine RMM, remote access, and backup in a single platform.