MSP360 Managed Backup With Amazon S3

Scalable and reliable data backup solution with MSP360 and AWS. Protect your data and have full control over your backup and cloud storage costs.

Amazon S3 Backup with MSP360
$2 Desktop Backup
Reduce Cloud Storage Costs
Optimize Cloud Storage Consumption
Minimize Risk Of Data Loss

AWS and MSP360: A Powerful Combo For Your Data Protection Strategy

Amazon S3 has long been one of the world’s most comprehensive and widely used cloud storage services.

This guide explains how backing up to S3 works in MSP360, the advantages of using S3 as a backup destination, and what benefits it provides to your business.

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AWS and MSP360: A Powerful Combo For Your Data Protection Strategy

Amazon S3 Backup Solution That Works

AWS Backup That Fits All Your Requirements

Object Storage Tiers for Any Scenario

Amazon S3 offers different storage classes which can be easily used with MSP360 Managed Backup. Ensure high uptime and reliability with S3 Standard, S3 IA, S3 One Zone-IA, S3 Glacier, S3 Glacier Deep Archive and Intelligent Tiering
Object Storage Tiers for Any Scenario

Flat Pricing

Advanced management features and cloud storage can cost you a fortune. Keep your monthly cloud expenses low with flat pricing of $23/TB per month. No download, egress or API requests fees included.
Flat Pricing

$2 Desktop Backup With Unified Billing

Pay for both your backup licenses and storage in a single check and get $2 desktop backup licenses with powerful MSP360 and AWS unified billing
$2 Desktop Backup With Unified Billing

Control Over Data Lifecycle Policies

Set up lifecycle policies to manage your data automatically and ensure total peace of mind
Control Over Data Lifecycle Policies

Data Mobility

Easily transfer your data to and from the cloud and move data smoothly across your Amazon S3 buckets
Data Mobility

Optimized for MSPs

Build customer loyalty and trust with product rebranding. Have full control over your expenses with special pricing and no hidden fees or vendor lock-in.
Optimized for MSPs

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon S3 Backup

How do I know that I need Amazon S3 for backups?
All storage classes include high levels of availability and support SSL encryption for security during data transmission. Moreover, Amazon S3 provides the data durability level of 99.999999999.
How can I start backups with MSP360 Managed Backup and AWS?
Install agents on your endpoints, set up your storage account, choose the authentication type, specify the backup destination, assign companies or users you want to use this storage account for, and you’re all set. To learn more, read this article .
How to use Amazon S3 for backups?
You should understand S3 storage classes, pricing, features, and security from the perspective of backups. Check our article to find everything you need to know about backing up to Amazon S3.

Amazon S3 Backup
With MSP360