Endpoint Protection And Prevention With MSP360 Powered by Deep Instinct

Enable endpoint security threat prevention and gain the ultimate peace of mind with MSP360 powered by Deep Instinct, a prevention-first cybersecurity solution developed to stop even the most advanced cyber attacks.
Desktop Backup With MSP360
Fully Integrated With
MSP360 Managed Backup and RMM
Guaranteed <0.1%
False-Positive Rate
More Advanced Than Any Other EDR or XDR Solution

Deep Instinct and MSP360: A Powerful Combo for Your Endpoint Protection Strategy

At MSP360, we take stringent steps to avoid any security threats to your data and we especially care for the safety and security of our clients. Our goal has always been to provide best-in-class solutions for our customers and, with the addition of Deep Instinct, the MSP360 platform became the most comprehensive solution for MSPs and IT teams alike.

Learn how we keep your data safe – with all of our products, and find out how to utilize Deep Instinct, the most advanced cybersecurity solution in the world, with MSP360.

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Deep Instinct and MSP360: A Powerful Combo for Your Endpoint Protection Strategy

Enhance Your Endpoint Security Strategy With AI-Based Technology

Upgrade Your Cybersecurity Strategy With the Endpoint Protection Solution Provided by Deep Instinct and MSP360

MSP360 Managed Backup + Deep Instinct

Backup has always been at the core of the MSP360 platform, as we consider it a mandatory level of data protection against a range of attacks. Enable a more advanced layered protection strategy with the power of AI and Deep Instinct.
MSP360 Managed Backup + Deep Instinct

MSP360 RMM + Deep Instinct

With efficient patching functionality and the efficient monitoring and alerting that MSP360 RMM provides, you can easily stay on top of security. Enhance your remote monitoring and management capabilities with an autonomous deep-learning cybersecurity solution.
MSP360 RMM + Deep Instinct

Multi-Layered Security

Prevent known and unknown threats and ensure you’re protected from ransomware and zero-day attacks.
Multi-Layered Security

No Alert Fatigue

Get fewer and more precise alerts to avoid overcomplication associated with ongoing work.
No Alert Fatigue

Built-In Advanced Protection

We keep the data safe and provide our customers with a wide range of mechanisms like encryption, immutability, 2FA, IP allowlisting, and more, to additionally secure their valuable assets.
Built-In Advanced Protection

Easy-To-Manage Solutions

Spend less time on configuring and managing backups and remote monitoring and management routines with the intuitive and simple interface of the web control panel.
Easy-To-Manage Solutions

MSP360 + Deep Instinct FAQ

I’m new to your products. How can I start a Deep Instinct free trial?
Start an MSP360 Managed Backup or MSP360 RMM free trial. Install Deep Instinct on your target endpoint, and the trial will start automatically.
Can I purchase Deep Instinct separately?
No, you need to own either Backup or RMM to use Deep Instinct.
Which operating systems can you run Deep Instinct on?
Currently, you can install Deep Instinct on Windows-based devices.
How to install Deep Instinct on my endpoints?
How can I start a Deep Instinct free trial if I already own MSP360 Managed Backup or RMM?
Simply install Deep Instinct on your target endpoint. The trial will start automatically.
Do I need to purchase a separate license to use Deep Instinct?
Yes, you can purchase a separate license in the Buy New section.
What is the pricing model for the Deep Instinct software?
The pricing is based on a per-endpoint approach.
Am I limited by the number of installations?
There’s a soft limit of 100 installations, if you need more, contact our support team.

Endpoint Protection And Prevention With MSP360
Powered by Deep Instinct