Image-Based Backup With MSP360
Managed Backup

Get highly reliable, fast and easy-to-use backup images that can be deployed to virtually any type of recovery target with MSP360.

Image-Based Backup
Simple, Fast, Direct Backup And Recovery
Efficient Data Retention With GFS
Automated Restore Verification
Save about 50% of storage space with Forever Forward Incremental Backup

Reliable Image-Based Backup With MSP360

When it comes to image-based backup, you don’t need to compromise on efficiency or speed in order to gain the peace of mind and flexibility that backup images provide. Learn how MSP360 solves the challenges of image-based backups and how you can optimize your routines with MSP360 Managed Backup.
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Reliable Image-Based Backup With MSP360

Free Web-Based Remote Access for Windows

Take advantage of the free and lightning-fast web-based remote access solution and resolve any issues instantly. No additional license is required.

Make the Most of Your Image-Based Backups With MSP360

Improve Efficiency With Image-Based Backups and MSP360

Fast and Accurate Backups

Traditionally, image-based backups were slow and posed an issue with getting accurate images of machines that were active. MSP360 has solved these challenges by developing a new approach to image-based backup, which is based on the concept of archiving.
Fast and Accurate Backups

Reduced Backup Time And Bandwidth Consumption

Detect duplicate blocks of files on a source machine and upload only unique blocks to the storage with client-side deduplication.
Reduced Backup Time And Bandwidth Consumption

Maximum Flexibility To Recover Data

With MSP360 Managed Backup, you can recover to anywhere: physical, virtual or cloud. MSP360 supports every major public, private, and hybrid cloud platform, as well as on-premises infrastructure.
Maximum Flexibility To Recover Data

Fast File-Level Restore

Extract any file or folder from an image and get the granularity of file-level backup while still benefiting from image-based backup.
Fast File-Level Restore

Advanced Protection

Enhance data protection with backup encryption and object lock. MSP360 Backup supports AES encryption with key sizes of 128, 192 and 256 bits, and immutable backups with Amazon S3, Wasabi and Backblaze B2.
Advanced Protection

Easy-To-Manage Image-Based Backup Solution

Don’t babysit your backups – spend less time on configuring, scheduling and automating backups with the intuitive and simple interface of the web control panel.
Easy-To-Manage Image-Based Backup Solution

Image-Based Backup FAQ

Why should I consider image-level backups instead of file-level backups?
With file-level backup, it can be difficult to determine where each file needs to go when restoring a system. If you use image-based backups to back up an operating system, you can restore the image directly to a bare-metal machine, virtual machine, or cloud server. You don’t have to install an operating system first and then copy backed-up files to it. This is a fast and simple way to create an identical copy of the original machine. Learn more about file-level vs image-level backup difference in our article.
Do I need a separate license to create image-based cloud backups?
No, image-based backups are available with all license types (except for O365/G-Suite licenses).
Where can I find pricing?
Visit our cost calculator to estimate the pricing for your use case.
Can I test the solution and see if it fits my requirements?
Sure, we offer a fully functional 15-day free trial, with unlimited free storage included for 30 days.
How can I create image-based backups with MSP360?
Find the required computer on the list, click the gear icon on the right, and navigate to the “Show plans” section. Click the plus icon and follow the wizard to configure your image-based backup plan.

Image-Based Backup
With MSP360