MSP360 For
Backblaze B2

MSP360 and Backblaze B2 provide MSPs and businesses with a reliable backup software and a high-performing cost-effective cloud storage solution

MSP360 for  Wasabi Cloud Storage

Simple Pricing

Calculate your costs without hidden fees

Scalable and Reliable

Grow on reliable storage and optimize costs

99.9% Uptime SLA

Ensure data accessibility without delays

MSP360 Managed Backup With Backblaze B2

MSP360 Managed Backup is an easy-to-use backup solution with centralized management, monitoring, and reporting. The platform is natively integrated with Backblaze B2 to enable best-in-class data protection for Windows, Linux, macOS, VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace.
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MSP360 Managed Backup With Backblaze B2

Cost-Effective Backup With Backblaze B2 and MSP360

When put together, Backblaze B2 cloud storage and MSP360 Managed Backup offer one of the lowest-cost backup and recovery solutions on the market. But they are also among the most reliable and feature-rich solutions, proving that you can achieve cloud backup that is both affordable and high-performing.
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Getting Started With MSP360 Managed Backup

On this webinar we demonstrate how MSP360 can help you grow your business and how easy it is to back up data with MSP360 Managed Backup and Backblaze B2

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Getting Started With MSP360 Managed Backup And Backblaze B2

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Cost-Effective MSP Backup With Backblaze B2 And MSP360

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Building the Right Tech Stack With MSP360 And Backblaze

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