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Blogging for MSPs: 100 Engaging Content Topics

Blogging for MSPs: 100 Engaging Content Topics

Going by the exponential growth that the MSP industry is currently experiencing, it goes without saying that the competition is getting tougher. And to dominate, you’ve got to go beyond delivering great customer service by also investing heavily in lead acquisition too.

One particularly effective tool you might want to capitalize on is your blog. Traffic growth has proven to be directly proportional to the frequency at which you publish blog posts. More specifically, you stand to gain about 30% more traffic by publishing between 21 and 54 posts.

For small and medium-size MSPs, content marketing can seem to be an ineffective lead generation channel as it consumes your time and other resources, and yet doesn’t bring you leads fast. BUT it’s a great way to demonstrate the value that you, as an MSP, can provide to your potential customers, the problems that you can help them to solve, and the technology goals that you can help them achieve.

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Also, if you thought blogging might not be that significant when it comes to lead conversion, here are the facts- 71% of the buyers in the B2B space, including managed IT services, admit to reading blog content during their purchasing journey.

Random posts, however, won’t cut it. Buyers tend to favor MSP companies that regularly publish fresh and engaging content. And to get you started, here are 100 exciting topic ideas that will not only attract leads but can also help you convert them into long-term customers:

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    1. 2020 IT budgeting: Tips and pointers for SMBs
    2. A brief guide to keeping computers clean
    3. A buyer’s guide to business projectors
    4. A good data backup can save your bacon
    5. An introduction to VPN
    6. Are you properly backing up your business data?
    7. Backup and disaster recovery can keep you from losing it all
    8. Best Chrome extensions to install to help increase productivity
    9. Boost your new laptop in 5 steps
    10. Break-fix vs. managed IT
    11. Choosing an office Wi-Fi router
    12. Cloud security: Everything you need to know
    13. Conferencing solutions for modern businesses
    14. Cookies and cache explained
    15. Decrease printing costs in 5 easy ways
    16. Desktop Buyer’s Guide for 2020
    17. Do you know all the things that an MSP can do?
    18. Don’t let former employees haunt your business
    19. Don’t let your company make this mistake with your computer network
    20. Essential wireless network security tips for small businesses
    21. File sharing tips from the professionals
    22. Find out how to avoid becoming a victim of phishing
    23. Fix these SMB security flaws now
    24. Gone phishing: how to be safe from personalized spear-phishing attacks
    25. Have you really considered your maintenance costs?
    26. Here is how antivirus keeps a business safe
    27. How a phone hybrid system can benefit your business
    28. How CRM boosts business revenue
    29. How IT benefits a small business’ growth potential
    30. How IT support (or MSP) keeps [any vertical market companies] on track
    31. How our help desk can benefit your business
    32. How technology covers business needs
    33. How to automate the sorting of your emails
    34. How to choose a managed IT service provider
    35. How to clear the browser cache in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge
    36. How to find the best VPN for your privacy needs
    37. How to improve your online business presence
    38. How to keep employees off distracting websites
    39. How to keep IT and the rest of your staff on the same side
    40. How to know it’s time to outsource IT support for your small business
    41. How to make your PC last longer
    42. How to minimize Wi-Fi hiccups
    43. How to prevent ransomware attacks. Best security tips for businesses
    44. How to speed up a Windows PC
    45. How to type special symbols
    46. Human error is a major problem for businesses
    47. Improve your PowerPoint skills with these tips
    48. Is your business prepared for hurricanes?
    49. IT security end-user checklist
    50. Keeping your email safe
    51. Learn to use email safely
    52. Learn why backups are crucial for users
    53. Logistics [or any other sphere] software for small business – how it saves money
    54. Manage your business better with ERP
    55. Market your business effectively with Twitter
    56. Office 365 hacking: What you need to know
    57. Password Protecting a Word Document
    58. Power Off, or Leave It On?
    59. Productivity tip: Email automation
    60. Protect your office from a data breach with an MSP
    61. Ransomware: what it does, and how to protect your business
    62. Represent your business correctly on social media
    63. Save electricity with these PC tips
    64. Search like a pro: tips for googling
    65. Tech Terminology: The Dark Web
    66. The best keyboard shortcuts to save your time
    67. The necessity of offsite backups in 2020
    68. The right way to set up a guest Wi-Fi
    69. The security risk of NOT using two-factor authentication
    70. Tip of the week: Understanding bandwidth [or any other tech term]
    71. Tips for extending laptop battery life
    72. Tips for leading your remote workers to success
    73. Tips for your office relocation
    74. Tips to keep your smartphone secure
    75. Tomorrow’s IT: Why managed services are crucial in 2020
    76. Tricks for Better Internet Browsing
    77. Check out these useful Windows 10 features
    78. Warning signs that your computer is on its last legs
    79. Warning signs that your computer has malware
    80. What is encryption, and why do you need it?
    81. What is managed by a managed service provider?
    82. What makes managed services worthwhile?
    83. What to do when the internet is unavailable
    84. What you need to know about Wi-Fi
    85. SSD vs. HDD: When you need to use what
    86. Which web browser is the safest?
    87. Why you need managed services: IT Procurement [or any other service you want to promote]
    88. Why Microsoft Office 365 is a reliable option for businesses
    89. Why you need to be certain that you’re using licensed software
    90. Work Smarter in Outlook with these tips
    91. X Backup and recovery terms that you should understand
    92. X cybersecurity tips for 2020
    93. X tools small businesses should try out today
    94. X IT investment mistakes to avoid
    95. X SharePoint considerations that businesses should have
    96. X technology buzzwords every SMB should know
    97. X tips and tricks for using Office 365
    98. X useful Microsoft Word features
    99. Your computer's infected, what should you do next?



Such topics will undoubtedly get people clicking. But don’t leave it at that. Engaging topics need to be accompanied by content that provides real value.

So, in short, keep your blog posts engaging, informative, and publish as many times as you can.

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