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Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage Overview

Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage Overview

Back in August 2017, Microsoft announced its Azure Archive Blob Storage featuring competitive pricing, local and geographical redundancy. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage and understand how to use it to minimize your cloud storage costs.

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    Azure Archive Blob Storage Overview

    Azure Archive Blob Storage is the latest addition to Azure’s lineup of storage tiers — Hot and Cool. Archive Blob Storage is designed to serve customers that require long-term data storage at a reasonable price, without the need for immediate data access.

    The name speaks for itself — Archive — and that’s exactly how you should treat it. The data goes in, and then it just stays there for years or perhaps decades. This storage tier is perfect for storing old documents, backups, retired projects, and any data you are legally required to retain long-term.

    Azure Archive Blob is about 80% cheaper than Azure Cool tier and about 95% cheaper than the Hot tier. (Note that prices vary between regions.)

    The data transaction cost is, however, the highest as compared to Hot and Cool tiers. You also have to pay a fee if you delete data from Archive storage, or move it to a different tier, at any time during the first 180 days after you place the data in this tier.

    In order to read data from the Archive tier, you have to "thaw" it first and it can take hours. This is why Archive is not a good choice for short-term backup and disaster recovery datasets. See our guide comparing all Azure access tiers and explaining which tiers to use in different cases:

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    Support for Azure Archive Blob Storage in CloudBerry Backup

    CloudBerry Backup supports Microsoft Azure cloud backup and works with all of Azure Blob Storage access tiers, including Azure Archive Blob Storage.

    One of the steps of creating a backup plan for Azure in CloudBerry Backup suggests a special checkbox — Use Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage. If you select this option, backups are first uploaded to the regular Hot storage, and then immediately transferred to Archive storage.

    Backup to Azure with CloudBerry

    CloudBerry Backup provides the following features:

    Support for All Azure Access TiersSupport for Azure Hot, Cool and Archive Blob storage tiers.
    With this flexibility, you can find the storage tier that provides the best balance between cost and performance.


    Support for Azure Lifecycle ManagementLifecycle Management Policy.
    CloudBerry Backup integrates with Azure lifecycle management feature, making it easy to move data automatically between different storage tiers.

    Encrypted BackupEncrypted backup.
    Secure data in transit and at rest.


    Restore Backup from Azure Storage to VMRestore from Blob storage to Azure Virtual Machines.
    If desired, CloudBerry Backup can restore data directly from Blob storage to Azure Virtual Machine, enabling a very fast and smooth restore process.


    Learn more about why customers choose CloudBerry Backup and Azure Blob storage for their affordability, user-friendly interface and dedicated customer support:

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