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EC2IT Chooses Azure and MSP360™ Managed Backup for Affordability and Customer Support

EC2IT Chooses Azure and MSP360™ Managed Backup for Affordability and Customer Support

There is no shortage of data backup vendors. What is in short supply, however, are data backup applications that are affordable and easy to use.

That was what EC2IT, a London-based IT outsourcing and support company, learned when it went searching for a data backup solution that would integrate with its Azure-based storage. After considering several other backup platforms that were either too expensive, too difficult to use, or both, EC2IT settled on MSP360 Managed Backup for its affordability, user-friendly interface, and top-notch customer support.

Here’s the story of how EC2IT chose MSP360 Managed Backup.

In Search of Affordable Cloud Backup

Founded in 2007, EC2IT provides managed IT services to dozens of customers spread across a range of industries. Those services include managed backups, which currently entail backing up nearly 1000 gigabytes of data.

EC2IT originally used a local data backup solution based on tape drives. Several years ago, however, the company decided to switch to a cloud-based backup model in order to achieve greater storage affordability, more flexible configurations, and a higher degree of data availability.

Currently, EC2IT uses the Microsoft Azure cloud for data storage. It previously used Amazon Web Services.

“Azure has easy to understand payment structure and flexible pricing model”, said Ben McManus, IT Support Analyst.

When it made the switch to cloud backups, EC2IT needed a tool that would automate the backup process, ensure that cloud-based backups were available from anywhere and, of course, offer compatibility with Azure storage.

While a number of cloud backup solutions meet these requirements, EC2IT struggled to find a platform that was not unreasonably expensive or difficult to use. At first, the backup solutions that the company explored proved “overpriced and very unclear both in what they offer and the look and feel of the user interface,” McManus recalled.

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MSP360 Managed Backup Delivers Affordable Cloud Backup

After other options proved uncompelling, EC2IT discovered MSP360 Managed Backup.

The company was attracted to MSP360 Managed Backup because it is “affordable, very user-friendly, clear on what service they provide and their support is also first-rate", McManus said.

He added that MSP360 Managed Backup offers an “impressive amount of services as part of their subscription,” without requiring users to pay extra fees in order to access different backup storage locations or services. In addition, MSP360 Managed offers “excellent support” whenever EC2IT needs assistance with the product, McManus said.

With the help of MSP360 Managed Backup and Azure storage, we improved the efficiency of our internal operations while also delivering a more flexible backup service to clients. It is now “simple to make any changes” to backup schedules in order to accommodate adjustments for items such as holidays in an automated way, without requiring EC2IT’s staff to manage the changes manually, McManus said.

Meanwhile, MSP360 Managed Backup has helped the company develop a new revenue stream by offering backup services to clients based on the product.

“We have certainly been doing better financially compared to using local storage such as tape drives,” McManus said.

In short, by implementing a flexible and affordable cloud-based backup solution using Azure storage and MSP360 Managed Backup, EC2IT has saved money on its backup costs, generated additional revenue, and saved staff time. It’s a win-win-win for the company, its employees, and its customers.

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