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Introducing MSP360 RMM 1.6

Introducing MSP360 RMM 1.6

We are thrilled to announce the latest enhancements and updates, which aim to provide IT administrators with an even more convenient remote monitoring and management solution. This update includes remarkable upgrades such as Wake-on-LAN, alert customization, enhanced support for Linux and macOS devices, SNMP monitoring updates, and an updated PowerShell tab.

Wake-on-LAN and Remote Reboot

The Wake-on-LAN (WOL) feature enables a computer to be turned on or roused from sleep mode, hibernation, or shutdown via a different device on the same network. Starting from version 1.6, Wake-on-LAN and remote reboot are available for MSP360 RMM clients – you can now turn on and restart a computer remotely.

Please note that Wake-on-LAN requires at least one online computer on the same subnet, and Wake-on-LAN must be enabled on the device you want to wake up.



You can check whether or not Wake-on-Lan is enabled on a computer/computers by using a special script on the RMM Script Library page.

Customisation of Notification Options and Enhanced Predefined Alerts

With the implementation of real-time monitoring and alerts, problems can be resolved before they impact users. Our improved alert system offers more flexibility and customization options, allowing you to tailor alerts and notification options to your specific needs and increase productivity in issue resolution. Now you can:

  • Define your own thresholds for generating alerts
  • Exclude certain software and hardware from alerts
  • Monitor disk space only where it’s crucial
  • Get notified when connections to endpoints are restored
  • Configure alerting on a global (per provider), per company, or per computer level
  • Monitor your SNMP devices

Custom alerts

Enhanced Support for Linux and macOS Devices

In RMM 1.6 we’ve significantly improved the management of endpoints running on macOS and Linux by adding new features.

Now you can:

  • Execute bash scripts on machines working on Linux and macOS directly in the MSP360 web console.
  • Use Group action tasks to execute these scripts on a schedule and on multiple endpoints at once
  • Select from predefined bash scripts in the Script Library or add your own scripts
  • Uninstall applications

macOS and Linux

SNMP Monitoring Updates

Managing SNMP devices has become even easier and more convenient. Now all devices on the network are grouped depending on which computer they are linked to, that is, from which computer the process of searching for them was launched.

Moreover, now you can check certain properties of each device by opening a detailed mode, and set up notifications for your SNMP devices.

snmp devices

Updated PowerShell Tab

Previously, there was only one option through the side panel – open the PowerShell terminal – and in order to run a script from the RMM Script Library or your own script on a specific computer, you had to go through the New Group Action Task wizard. Now all these actions can be carried out directly from the RMM side panel for the computer you need.

new powershell


We appreciate your feedback, so please share your opinion and experience with us using the feedback board. You can always get in touch with us by visiting our forum or contacting us – we’re always here to help!

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