Remote Support
With MSP360 Connect

Remotely connect to users’ machines and provide efficient IT support anytime and anywhere.

MSP360 Remote Desktop

Easily set up a remote connection with unattended access

Oversee and run all your remote connections from a single web console

Access multiple computers simultaneously

Designed for MSPs and businesses

Make the Most of Your MSP360 Managed Connect

Most of the issues related to a company’s IT infrastructure can be addressed online without the need to go anywhere in person. All you need in this case is a fast and stable remote access solution to get the job done.

Check this guide to learn how MSP360 Managed Connect, a fast and secure remote access solution with a robust feature set, can be applied in a number of IT support use cases, and what are the best practices for using it.

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Make the Most of Your MSP360 Managed Connect

Efficient IT Support With MSP360 Connect

Remote Access Solution For Outstanding Customer Support

Provide Remote Support Worldwide

If your offices or your clients are spread across the world, the only way to fix their IT issues is to do it remotely. Distance doesn't matter when you have the right remote support tool at your fingertips.
Provide Remote Support Worldwide

Minimize Business Downtime

In the event of any unpredictable system or software issue that could bring a business to a halt, the best thing IT support can do is to fix it as soon as possible without going onsite.
Minimize Business Downtime

Increase Efficiency

With a team of specialists that can quickly react by means of a remote access solution, issues are resolved faster and overall efficiency increases.
Increase Efficiency

Improve Customer Interaction

With an MSP360 solution for remote access, you can reduce the number of customer complaints and resolve issues promptly with fast connection directly from the web console, file transfer, chat, multi-user sessions and more.
Improve Customer Interaction

Remote Support With MSP360 Connect: FAQ

What operating systems do you support?
MSP360 Connect users can access Windows PCs from any computer or mobile device – that includes Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.
Can several admins access a remote computer at the same time?
Yes, another admin can join an existing remote session.
How can I start with MSP360 Connect?
Download the free version or start your free trial here .
How many computers can I access at once?
The number of concurrent sessions is unlimited.
Where can I find pricing details?
Visit our cost calculator to estimate the pricing for your environment.