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MSP360 MBS Now Works with OptiTune

MSP360 MBS Now Works with OptiTune

MSP360 MBS, a managed cloud backup service, offers native integration with a variety of remote management services like LabTech and ConnectWise. Today we're excited to announce the latest addition to our remote management partners — OptiTune. With it, you'll be able to deploy MSP360 MBS for Windows effortlessly as well as track backup and restore plans right from the OptiTune's dashboard.


OptiTune is a powerful remote management solution that has been designed to maximize efficiency and simplicity of IT management in any size operation. It enables you to control all computers within your organization, ensuring that each has the most current updates. OptiTune is also capable of exposing malware and deploying the latest versions of Microsoft Office applications. However, remote management would not be complete if data integrity on all computers was not ensured. That's why OptiTune now offers seamless integration with MSP360 MBS, enabling you to deploy and monitor MSP360 MBS straight from the OptiTune's dashboard.

Integration with Optitune in MSP360 MBS

You can get OptiTune free of charge for a year; the process of sign-up and installation should take no more than a few minutes. Having done that, log in to OptiTune's dashboard, and navigate to the Backup section in the left side-bar. From there you can configure integration with MSP360 MBS.

All you need to do is copy the API credentials from the MBS Web Console's settings page, specify the preferred backup edition, enter your MBS user's credentials and click Save Changes. Within a few minutes, MSP360 MBS for Windows should be installed and ready to go.

The main takeaway here is the simplicity of initial configuration. Even in our own preliminary testing we were surprised how seamless and effortless the entire process is.

Another feature worth highlighting is backup and restore plan monitoring. OptiTune notifies you of all MSP360 MBS activity and then displays charts that reflect the backup and restore plan status. All this information can be further sorted by individual computers, plan types, etc.

OptiTune plans to expand and improve integration with MSP360 MBS in the future. Feel free to try out their service and share your experience in the comment section below.