CloudBerry Explorer Freeware for Google Cloud

Manage and move files across your on-site and Google Cloud storage

CloudBerry Explorer Freeware for Google Cloud

Google Cloud Storage Client for Windows

CloudBerry Explorer for Google Cloud is a file manager with user interface for Google Cloud Storage accounts. It allows browsing Google Storage account, managing and moving files across your on-site and cloud storage. Google Cloud browser by MSP360™ is available in two versions: Freeware and PRO.

Freeware version. Free Google Cloud Storage client comes with full support for Google Groups. It allows sharing Google Storage content with other users or group of users.

PRO version. CloudBerry Explorer PRO makes Google Cloud Storage usage even easier, more secure and cost-efficient. In the PRO version of CloudBerry Explorer for Google Cloud you can optionally enable encryption and compression of your files, copy files directly from FTP server and more.

Windows 7/8/10 Windows Server 2008 or higher
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2, 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor, 512 MB RAM, 100 MB minimum disk space, Gigabit (10/100/1000baseT) Ethernet adapter

Reliable Storage You Control

With CloudBerry Explorer you decide where to store your data: Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or another popular storage option.

User-Friendly Interface

CloudBerry Explorer provides a user interface allowing to access, move and manage files across your local storage and the cloud storage of your choice.

Direct Data Transfers

CloudBerry Explorer doesn’t process your data on third-party servers. All data transfers occur between the source instance and a storage account you control.

Main features

Google Cloud Storage Management

Create, browse, and delete containers and files in Google Cloud Storage.

Google Coldline Support

Access and manage files on Google Coldline storage with CloudBerry Explorer for Google Cloud.

Google Drive Access

Access Google Drive with your Google service account (OAuth 2.0)

Encryption and Compression [PRO]

Encrypt with a unique user password and compress files before sending to Google Cloud Storage.

Command Line Interface

Automate cloud file management with Command Line Interface.

Google Groups Support

Share Google Cloud Storage data with groups of users as well as individuals.

Multithreading [PRO]

Upload files in parallel threads to speed up data transfer.

OAuth 2.0 Authentication Support

Use this secure, simpler, more flexible and powerful Google Cloud authentication and authorization scheme.

Resumable Upload

Continue uploading files from the point of interruption with Google Cloud Storage manager by MSP360.

What's New

  • Google Lifecycle policies
  • Expired web URL
  • Support pause in Explorer
  • Added the dialog to edit favorites
  • Google Coldline support
  • VMware vCloud Air support
  • Google Nearline support
  • Asia region support
  • Resumable download
  • Multithreading download
  • Google Drive authentication with Google service account (OAuth 2.0)
  • Resumable upload issues are fixed
  • Multiple performance and stability issues for Google Docs Storage are fixed
  • Upload rules - configure the rules to compress, encrypt objeccts and set HTTP Headers [PRO only]
  • Storage Capacity reports
  • Support for the OAuth 2.0 authentication
  • Support for the European region
  • Support for Google Docs storage
  • Support for Resumable Upload
  • Support for Google Groups
  • Registration issue fixed
  • Other fixes

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For Google Cloud

What Our Customers Say

"It is superb to be able to manage media file storage on Amazon S3 without any hassle, as Amazon’s provided web interface is not user friendly overcomplicated with information and buttons. CloudBerry was able to spot that opportunity and create something of FileZilla equivalent thus easy and quick to use with clear file permission settings and blazing fast in upload and download."
Mr. Ritvars Radvilavics
"CloudBerry has been a life-saver. I was able to easily manage large batches of files I needed to put into S3 buckets on AWS. I just selected several folders, clicked copy, and then went about other business. The application does a good job of monitoring the success of file transfer. The CloudBerry application is a must-have for anyone managing AWS servers and S3 buckets!"
"Great product. I especially like the fact you can determine the size of your buckets easily – this is really difficult to do with the existing AWS tools."
Craig Lawrie
"I've used CloudBerry S3 Explorer PRO for a couple of days and have easily concluded that it is superior to S3 Browser Pro which I have used for about a year. Not only is it a better program, CloudBerry's support is prompt, friendly, and helpful."
Mathew Corley
"I find myself using CloudBerry Explorer more frequently; primarily because of the more integrated view of the local file system."
Rick Vanover
"I’m finding CloudBerry Explorer PRO to be a really useful tool for migrating customer data into Amazon S3 storage. The application has a great feature set and an easy to use multi-threaded interface. The included PowerShell snap-in is great to use for those scripted jobs."
Martin Stephenson
"Till now everything is going great and I am highly satisfied with the product. I will definitely recommend this product to my clients in near future. Also I would like to thank you for your support."
Saurabh Taneja
"CloudBerry S3 Explorer is easily the most advanced tool for managing Amazon's S3 environment. If you are considering implementing a third party tool for your enterprise, you can't go wrong with this product."
Tim Perdue
"The ease of use was amazing, and transferring my important data really couldn’t have been easier."
Spencer Scott
"Finally I found the CloudBerry explorer and from the first impression I was amazed and simply it turned out that this is the one and only thing that I need to manage all things with my amazon s3."
Ruchira Sahan
"I was trying to move a large amount of data (~350gb) into an Amazon s3 -> glacier account from my local computer as a one-time backup. So with that in mind I really liked the multipart and multithreaded features. Explorer PRO seemed faster than a few other solutions I tried…"
Bryce Howitson
"CloudBerry is a very useful tool that makes blob upload as easy as file management on a laptop. It is a must-have for serious Azure or cloud developers. Well done on a good product!"
Subramanian Viswanathan
"After testing (included a complimentary trial extension) CloudBerry Explorer for Windows Azure I sums up my experience to this: An Azure fundamental tool that every developer should and must add to its toolbox, once you try it, you will become a de facto CloudBerry fan."
Jose Plunkett
"Just wonderful – CloudBerry Explorer Pro was able to download a VHD from Azure without errors, while all other tools were failing and corrupting the file."
Axel Guerrier
"I congratulate your team on this well-designed piece of software, which (so far) is working for me flawlessly."
Derrick Everett
"In my opinion CloudBerry Product's are the best, because always fits to ours customer's needs and the customer experience with your product always were perfect."
André Guimarães
"Google is ongoing their development with drive, but so far we were able to browse collaborative folders and access data. Due to security restrictions our devices are not installing Google Drive directly on computers therefore CloudBerry was able to access drive and made the whole process much easier."
Mr. Ritvars Radvilavics, Director at THEBODYSHAPE.COM
"Having had 'challenges' with other systems to upload data and files to out Rackspace cloud storage account, it was a great relief to find that CloudBerry Exploder Pro just worked! It does exactly what we need and is very effective (and forgiving of our blunders as well.) The help section is great and the support from the query team is first rate. Wish we had found you earlier…"
Gilbert Massara
"I can easily say that With CloudBerry Explorer your Rackspace Cloud Files Web Portal is on steroids."

CloudBerry Explorer Freeware for Google Cloud