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Grayson Data Services Chooses MSP360™ for Control and Price

Grayson Data Services Chooses MSP360™ for Control and Price

Founded in 2016, Grayson Data Services is a Louisiana-based MSP that delivers a range of managed IT solutions, from application development and security analysis to cloud backup and disaster recovery. The company serves about 25 customers in a diverse set of industries and utilizes over 5 terabytes for backup storage.

The Challenge: Control and Cost-Efficiency

As a small MSP with only four employees, Grayson places a premium on keeping cost margins in check. At the same time, the company requires high performance and fine-grained control over its software and systems in order to support the varying needs of its customers.

The company, which uses AWS for cloud storage, initially struggled to find a backup and disaster recovery solution that satisfied its needs. In particular, a product that could support all of the business apps that it manages, while also providing the requisite data security and backup speed.

These requirements proved especially challenging after the company expanded its services to include mobile clients, according to Kenny Grayson, the company’s CIO, and Systems Engineer.

The Solution: Speed, Control and Competitive Pricing from MSP360

After considering several other major backup products, Grayson Data Services settled on MSP360 Backup as its data backup and disaster recovery solution. MSP360 integrates directly with the AWS storage services that Grayson was already using, while also providing the ease-of-use, customizability, and cost-efficiency that the company needs to thrive in the managed services business.

Asked which features made MSP360 stand out, Grayson mentioned its speed, advanced backup and restore options, flexible pricing, and its ability to back up all of the company’s business apps using a single tool.

“The product just works as you would expect,” Grayson said. “Easy, good price, nice support.”


Since adopting MSP360 Backup, Grayson’s staff has reduced the amount of time spent maintaining backup software, while also lowering backup costs.

“I’m more efficient because it integrates with ConnectWise and I can set and forget,” Grayson said about MSP360 Backup. “I get a ticket when there is an issue.”

He added, “I have a bigger profit margin on backups. My cost has gone down. I have more control over the price.”

Asked how he would describe MSP360 Backup to other MSPs searching for data backup and disaster recovery solutions, Grayson answered, “I would tell them it just works like you want it to work. Then I would set them up on a free trial and let them see for themselves.”

“I have a bigger profit margin on backups. My cost has gone down. I have more control over the price. I needed more control, and MSP360 provided that.“ - Kenny Grayson, the company’s CIO and Systems Engineer

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