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Abbeycomp Success Story

MSP360™ and Wasabi Enable Terabyte-Scale Backup for London-Based MSP

MSP360™ and Wasabi Enable Terabyte-Scale Backup for London-Based MSP

Abbeycomp IT Solutions is a managed service provider that faces two challenges familiar to many MSPs who provide managed data backup: It has hundreds of terabytes’ worth of data to back up, and that data is spread across multiple systems, making backups especially difficult to

Here’s the story of how Abbeycomp solved both challenges by adopting MSP360 Managed Backup and Wasabi cloud-based storage.

Drowning in Data…

Abbeycomp, which is based in London, is a mid-sized MSP that provides managed backup and other common IT services to about 80 clients with over 400 terabytes of data.

When Abbeycomp began offering managed backup nearly a decade ago, it struggled to find backup software that would enable it to effectively work with high volumes of data. At first, the company relied on a data backup platform that nominally promised data backups of unlimited size. In practice, however, the tool simply wasn’t able to provide acceptable performance when handling hundreds of terabytes’ worth of information.

The backup tool vendor “offered ‘unlimited storage’ but did not realize how much data our clients keep,” John Scrivener, Managing Director at Abbeycomp, said of his company’s struggles to back up so much data effectively.

Adopting a tape-based data storage system might have been one way to support such large data backups. But that would have required significant effort and made the company dependent on a legacy storage technology.

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Meanwhile, Abbeycomp faced the additional challenge of needing to back up data that was spread across disparate servers. Using the backup solution that the company originally adopted, it was difficult to monitor all backups from a single location and to guarantee that staff would receive notifications in the event that a backup for a particular server or computer failed. This lack of centralized visibility made backups risky and difficult to manage.

MSP360 Managed Backup and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

The need for a centralized data backup and monitoring tool led Abbeycomp to begin searching for an alternative backup solution. “We needed one portal to check all of our backups,” Scrivener said. “We also needed a solution that could affordably cope with all our clients’ backup data.”

After considering another backup solution, which was too “complicated and expensive” for its needs, according to Scrivener, Abbeycomp settled on MSP360 Managed Backup. MSP360 offers an installation process that requires a “simple agent on the host computer,” he said while proving “cost-effective for large amounts of data.”

At the same time, MSP360 Managed Backup allowed Abbeycomp to centralize all of its backup operations through a single tool and management interface. “Having one portal for all backup has saved time and given peace of mind,” Scrivener said.

For storing its clients’ backup data, Abbeycomp relies on Wasabi hot cloud storage. Wasabi offers some of the most competitive per-gigabyte storage costs of any cloud provider, with no fees for egress or API requests, and allows flexible, pay-as-you-go billing.

MSP360 and Wasabi made it affordable for our clients to back up all their data with good performance, Scrivener said.

By pairing MSP360 Managed Backup with Wasabi hot cloud storage, Abbeycomp has been able to increase the profitability of its managed backup service by reducing its software and storage costs. Greater profitability has, in turn, placed the MSP in a position to grow its backup business by continuing to meet the needs of clients with large-scale data backup needs at an affordable price.

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