Service Level Agreement

Subject to the MSP360 Customer Support Reference Guide , the , the Company agrees to provide the Customer the the Services for any Cloud Storage Provider (“CSP”) of the Customer’s choice and / or any storage under the control of Customer. The Company will use all reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the Services are available, as subject to the conditions of this Service Level Agreement ("SLA"), further described below. All capitalized terms have the meaning ascribed to them in the CloudBerry and MSP360 Service Agreement.

Service Level Conditions:

  • Backups are based upon the configuration schedules Customer has selected. However, certain issues with Customer’s computers, internet connectivity, network, or other technical issues outside the Company’s control may cause a scheduled backup to not complete or fail to run. It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that a backup has completed. The Company is not responsible for failed backups.
  • Restore of backup files is at the Customer’s discretion. Restore times are not guaranteed and may depend on many factors, including, but not limited to, internet bandwidth, network bandwidth, computer resources, and size of backup files to be restored.
  • Some CSPs may provide a service to send a hard drive with backup data directly to Customer. The Company will not assist Customer with this process.
  • The Company may perform scheduled maintenance at times determined at Company’s sole discretion. Maintenance will be completed in as short a time as reasonably possible. The Service may be unavailable or operate with reduced performance during such maintenance. This maintenance is necessary to insure the reliability and managed features of the Service. The Company may post notices through the Service letting Customer know when maintenance is planned. However, there may be times when emergency maintenance is required and notification by Company to Customer in these cases may not be possible. When possible, the Company will post a notice through the web site or email indicating when the Service will be restored.
  • The Company cannot account for issues affecting the Service outside of Company’s control. As such, Company makes no warranties or guarantees with regards to the availability of the Service or Customer’s ability to connect to and use the Service.