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MSP360 vs Comet Backup

MSP360 vs Comet Backup: Comparison for MSPs and IT Professionals

MSP360 vs Comet Backup: Comparison for MSPs and IT Professionals

As all businesses increasingly rely on large sets of data, selecting the right backup solution becomes paramount to operations. IT professionals and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are often at the forefront of this decision, tasked with finding a balance between functionality, affordability, and reliability. Today, we're diving into a comparison of two notable contenders in the backup solutions arena: MSP360 and Comet Backup.


The goal of this comparison is not to push one product over another, but to provide a transparent and informative perspective that helps you make the best decision for your organization’s unique needs. We will examine key aspects such as pricing, features, use cases, and both the strengths and weaknesses of MSP360 Managed Backup and Comet Backup.

Pricing Structure

MSP360: Known for its straightforward pricing, MSP360 offers a transparent cost without hidden fees. The pricing is flexible, catering to MSPs and businesses of various sizes and needs. MSP360’s model is particularly attractive for MSPs due to its pay-as-you-go option, which allows businesses to scale services as needed without significant upfront costs especially since the solution is fully hosted in the cloud.

Comet Backup: Comet also follows a transparent pricing model, with competitive rates that appeal to small and medium-sized enterprises. Like MSP360, Comet provides a tier-based pricing strategy, which can be advantageous for companies looking to scale. However, Comet's recent price increase has stirred some dissatisfaction among its user base.

MSP360 vs Comet Backup: Core Features and Capabilities


  • Multi-Cloud Storage Support: MSP360 stands out with its robust support for multiple cloud storage providers, including AWS, Wasabi, Backblaze, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. This flexibility allows users to choose the best provider based on their price and performance needs.
  • Centralized Management: A unified management console makes MSP360 a favored choice for MSPs and IT Professionals, simplifying the management of backups across numerous client infrastructures.
  • Security Features: MSP360 provides advanced encryption both in transit and at rest, ensuring data is protected against unauthorized access. MSP360 also includes Object Lock (Immutability) features providing the ultimate insurance policy against cyber threats like ransomware.

Comet Backup:

  • Flexible Backup Options: Comet offers a wide range of backup solutions including files, folders, and full disk images, ensuring comprehensive data protection.
  • Continuous Data Protection: This feature allows for real-time backups, reducing the risk of data loss in between scheduled backups.
  • Customizable Backup Plans: Users can extensively customize their backup schedules and retention policies, which is great for businesses with specific compliance requirements.

User Experience

MSP360: The platform is praised for its user-friendly interface, which is intuitive even for those with minimal technical expertise. This makes it an excellent choice for MSPs and IT Professionals who need to train staff quickly or manage backups without extensive daily oversight.

Comet Backup: Comet's interface is functional but can be more complex and technical, which might pose a challenge for less tech-savvy users. However, it offers more in-depth customization options that can be beneficial for IT professionals who prefer granular control over their backup environments.

Use Cases

MSP360 is ideal for:

  • MSPs managing diverse client environments which include a mixture of cloud and on prem infrastructure.
  • Businesses looking for hassle-free backup solutions with robust cloud integration.
  • Organizations that prioritize strong security measures with reliable support.

Comet Backup is suitable for:

  • Businesses that require real-time data backup.
  • Companies needing detailed control over backup configurations and schedules.
  • Small to medium-sized enterprises looking for cost-effective yet scalable backup solutions.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Strengths: Easy management, affordable solutions, excellent multi-cloud support, and strong security for ransomware protection.
Weaknesses: Less flexibility in backup customization compared to Comet Backup.

Comet Backup:

Strengths: Real-time backup capabilities, high customization, competitive pricing.
Weaknesses: Interface complexity and recent price increases that may affect budget-sensitive businesses.


Choosing between MSP360 and Comet Backup depends on your specific business needs, the level of customization you require, and how you balance cost against features. MSP360 offers simplicity and robust cloud options, making it a great choice for MSPs and businesses seeking straightforward, secure backup solutions. Comet Backup, on the other hand, offers great customization and real-time backup features, which can be crucial for businesses needing immediate data availability.

Both platforms have their merits, and your decision will ultimately hinge on which features align best with your operational requirements and budgetary constraints. We hope this comparison aids you in making an informed choice that safeguards your data and supports your business's continuity plans.

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