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MSP360 Premium Customer Support


Premium Customer Support is available 24/7 and provides faster response time, regardless of your case priority. Premium Support customers receive prompt attention, in which support engineers first response is to determine the root cause of the issue and perform a QA analysis, followed by a remote live-support session for high-priority disaster-recovery cases.

Supported Languages

MSP360 is pleased to offer first-level technical support services by US-based engineers, using American English*.

Comparison Chart

Description Premium Support Standard Support Trial Support
Priority 1: A business critical software component or an MSP360 managed system is inoperable or unavailable; a production system is down; or there is an emergency condition. Requires an immediate workaround or solution.4 hours6 business hoursN/A
Priority 2: A situation adversely impacting production operations, but the production system is not down; the product is operational, but seriously restricted.6 hours8 business hours8 business hours
Priority 3: A non-production issue; the majority of functions are still usable, a limited condition that can be readily circumvented. Example: non-production application response times or system performance are slow, but the system is available. Some monitoring or backups are impacted.8 hours12 business hours12 business hours
Priority 4: Minor issue or question that does not affect the product’s functioning, and that can be readily circumvented. For example: “How to” questions; the text of a message, or a page of documentation is worded poorly or misspelled; general feedback; feature requests.12 hours24 business hours24 business hours
Business hours (Continental US)24x7x365Mon – Fri
8 am – 8 pm
Mon – Fri
8 am – 5 pm
Cost$100 per monthFreeFree

Response goals are intended to provide a target for the initial response to an issue or query. MSP360 support engineers will work on a Priority 1 issue around the clock for Premium Support, if the customer is able to provide a technical resource to partner with, until

  • a resolution or workaround is in place and the business impact has been mitigated,
  • the priority is mutually downgraded.

Support Portal

The Customer Support Portal allows you to:

  • Manage your support cases
  • Attach logs to existing cases
  • Request updates

You can sign up to our Support Portal and open a case here.

Logging a Case

Any information you can provide regarding the issue you are experiencing could have a significant impact on how fast the issue is diagnosed and resolved. The customer will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Issue description, impact on your system and business operations, issue priority, and the exact text of error messages and diagnostic details
  • Steps to reproduce the problem, known workarounds
  • Contact email address and phone number
  • Best time to reach you, and contact method (email/phone)
* Some Support Engineers are bilingual