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Streamline MSP360 Software Deployment with the Network Discovery Tool

Streamline MSP360 Software Deployment with the Network Discovery Tool

Efficiently deploying and managing MSP360 software agents across multiple computers in a network can be a time-consuming and challenging task. However, with the advent of network discovery tools, this process has become significantly easier. In this article, we will explore the capabilities and benefits of the MSP360 Network Discovery Tool, which serves as a valuable asset for bulk deployment of backup, remote monitoring and management (RMM), and Connect agents.

Case #1: Streamlining Bulk Deployment

One of the primary functions of the Network Discovery Tool is to deploy the most recent versions of required agents simultaneously across multiple computers. This feature eliminates the need for manual installation on each individual machine, saving valuable time and effort. By automating the deployment process, administrators can ensure consistency and efficiency throughout the network, thereby boosting productivity.

Case #2: Accurate Network Inventory

Understanding the composition of your network is vital for effective management. The Network Discovery Tool enables administrators to identify all the computers within their domain or local network and provides a clear overview of the computers present, allowing for informed decision-making and resource allocation.

Case #3: Comprehensive Deployment Reporting

After completing a bulk deployment, it is crucial to have a comprehensive report detailing the actions taken and any skipped deployments. The Network Discovery Tool provides administrators with a detailed report, enabling them to track the success of the deployment and identify any potential issues or discrepancies. This feature enhances accountability and facilitates efficient troubleshooting if necessary.

Case #4: Prompt Computer Tracking

In addition to initial network inventory, the Network Discovery Tool offers the ability to track new computers that join the network. By constantly monitoring the network, administrators can ensure that no computers are inadvertently omitted from their management scope. This capability enhances network security, enabling prompt identification and integration of new devices.

MSP360 Network Discovery Tool

To start working with this tool, click the Downloads tab, navigate to the Discover and Deploy section, and click Download. Once the tool is downloaded, run the set-up and proceed with the set-up wizard to finish the installation.

MSP360 Network Discovery Tool

With this tool, users can:

  • Discover computers: perform a search of available computers across the domain.
  • Deploy MSP360 software agents: once the list of computers for the bulk installation is ready, select what agents should be installed on which computers.

MSP360 Network Discovery Tool


Efficiently deploying and managing agents across a network is crucial for any organization. The Network Discovery Tool simplifies these tasks by providing features such as bulk deployment, comprehensive reporting, network inventory, and real-time computer tracking. By utilizing this tool, administrators can save time, streamline operations, and ensure comprehensive coverage within their network environment. Embracing the power of the Network Discovery Tool empowers organizations to enhance productivity, strengthen security, and optimize resource allocation in today's dynamic IT landscape.

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