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Introducing MSP360 Managed Backup 6.4.5

Introducing MSP360 Managed Backup 6.4.5

With MSP360 Managed Backup 6.4.5, we’re introducing major improvements to the main menu structure for new providers, improvements to the Computers page, support for Azure Single Sign-On in the Management Console, and free web-based remote access for backup users.

New Main Menu Structure with Separate Pages for Backup and RMM

With this release, we’re introducing separate Computers pages for MSP360 Managed Backup and MSP360 RMM for new providers. Now you can access separate dashboards for each product and have more control and visibility over different workflows and tasks associated with each product.

new main menu

By default, you can access the dashboard with a general overview in the Computers tab.

default computers page

To access the new menu structure as an existing provider, please contact your account manager or our support.

Computers Page Improvements

With MSP360 Managed Backup 6.4.5, we added the "NBF" tag to the Backup Plan titles and added the "Format" item line under the "Type" in the plan description, which defines whether the plan was created with the New Backup Format or Legacy Backup Format. This adds more transparency for the backup plans created and helps you identify those plans that need to be converted to the New Backup Format.

NBF tag

Sign In with Azure AD

With Azure AD SSO, you can access the MSP360 Management Console without the need to authenticate using different credentials.

The support for Single Sign-On using Azure AD unburdens users from having to memorize credentials for different apps or reusing weak passwords, which increases the risk of data breach. Be sure to check your Azure AD settings before trying it.

Azure AD SSO

Free Web-Based Remote Access

Take advantage of free, integrated web-based remote access (beta) to support your customers. Now, web-based remote access is enabled by default for users who have purchased MSP360 Managed Backup licenses.

Free web-based remote access is available with all backup licenses, except Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace and SharePoint / Teams / Shared Drives license types.

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