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Introducing Free Web-Based Remote Access (Beta) For Backup Users

Introducing Free Web-Based Remote Access (Beta) For Backup Users

We are pleased to announce that backup users can now use web-based remote access (beta) for free! This feature is included in the backup license. This means you no longer have to pay for a separate remote access tool to connect to devices remotely — if you buy a backup license, web-based remote access is enabled by default.

Take advantage of a free, integrated remote access solution to support your customers.

What You Get With Free Web-Based Remote Access (Beta)

  • Fast and stable connections based on the WebRTC technology
  • Encrypted connection
  • Attended and unattended access
  • Multi-admin sessions
  • Concurrent remote access sessions in separate browser windows
  • Text chat
  • And much more.

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How to Establish a Connection

In order to establish a connection through a browser, go to the "Computers" tab and click the "Connect" button opposite the desired computer.

Web-based remote access

After you click the "Connect" button, a new window will open. Then, just like in the desktop app, you choose whether you want to start a new session or join an active session. That’s it!

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web-based remote access

Limitations and Requirements

  • This option is available with all backup licenses, except Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace and SharePoint / Teams / Shared Drives license types.
  • The following browsers and operating systems are currently supported:
    • Chrome (Windows, Linux, macOS)
    • Firefox (Windows, Linux, macOS)
    • Edge (Windows, Linux, macOS)
    • Safari (macOS)
  • The MSP360 Connect app installed on the remote endpoint must be version 3.2 or later.


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