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Customer Success Stories

CorpInfo Chooses MSP360™ Managed Backup to Protect Disaster-Prone California Data Centers
With the help of MSP360™ Managed Backup, Corpinfo managed to provide reliable data backup services with quick data recovery from the cloud in the region prone to natural disasters.
MSP360™ and Wasabi Enable Terabyte-Scale Backup for London-Based MSP
Together with MSP360™ Managed Backup and Wasabi Hot Storage, Abbeycomp IT Solutions has successfully implemented a simple, secure and cost-efficient backup solution for its clients that supports over 400 terabytes of data.
North Atlantic Information Systems has increased profit margins by 50% with Managed Backup
How the company has managed to stand apart in a highly competitive, dynamic market of New York by delivering high-performance data backup at strong profit margins.
SBTC Expands Their Local Storage Architecture with a Cloud-Based Storage with MSP360™ and Google Cloud
SBTC decreased overall support time and achieved lower cost for backups.
EC2IT Chooses Azure and CloudBerry Backup for Affordability and Customer Support
With the help of MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Backup and Azure storage, we improved the efficiency of our internal operations while also delivering a more flexible backup service to clients.
Nuabee Mixes Orange Business Services’ Cloud with MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Backup for More Control and Affordable Pricing
The cost of traditional complete disaster recovery solutions does not allow small and middle-sized companies to protect their data effectively.
Ariento Chooses MSP360™ (CloudBerry) for Data Backup Security and Management
With the help of CloudBerry’s backup solution, we’ve launched an entirely new product brand targeted at small business owners and sole proprietors.
Grayson Data Services Chooses MSP360™ for Control and Price
I have a bigger profit margin on backups. My cost has gone down. I have more control over the price. I needed more control, and CloudBerry provided that.
MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup Service
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* no credit card required
Edgartown IT Migrates Entire Backup and Recovery Strategy to MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Backup on AWS
With CloudBerry and Amazon S3, I have a product that works on everything quite brilliantly, and a single product I can use on all of my devices.
MSP360™ (CloudBerry) and Wasabi Add Significant Backup Efficiency and Time-Savings for StratX
With the help of CloudBerry Backup, however, StratX has achieved a dramatic improvement in data backup and recovery time while still taking advantage of low-cost storage from Wasabi.
Grapevine Telecom Grows its Margin by 66% with MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup
CloudBerry is the most flexible, cost effective, and easy-to-use product on the market
East Coast Technical Services Reduces Cloud Backup Costs by Migrating from Mozy PRO to MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup with Google Nearline Support
East Coast Technical Services Reduces Cloud Backup Costs by Migrating from Mozy PRO to CloudBerry Managed Backup with Google Nearline Support
Marcus Networking leaves Intronis and grows its margin by 400% with MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup
Our company migrated 35TB in only a few weeks and are now loving it. So, don’t be afraid, make a switch!
Computer Options Slashes Costs by 25% after switching from Intronis to MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup
CloudBerry feels a lot safer. It is designed with careful thought to eliminate possibilities of mistakes
CGIAR empowers mobile workers by ensuring data backup and availability even in field locations with MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup
The major difference between CloudBerry Managed Backup and other service providers is ease of setup, good customer follow up and support!
СТ-Anderson switched to MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup from JungleDisk to offer unlimited cloud storage
Instead of renting a client 50GB of storage, we now simply tell him “We’ll backup all your files!
MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup Service
Free Signup*
* no credit card required
Galveston Computer Solutions tackles natural disasters while cutting backup service costs by 85% with MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup
CloudBerry Managed Backup is a must for anyone in IT service business. The software is dependable, the reporting is excellent, and you pay as you grow.
Sauvegardez-vous solutions technologiques encourages Québec small businesses to shift from local to cloud backup with MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup
I couldn’t resist laughing when a client told me he already has a backup — a copy of his hard drive to another. It was high time we introduced cloud backup to small businesses and made money on it.
BootUp PC significantly improves customers’ satisfaction by shifting from Livedrive to MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup
CloudBerry helped me to become an efficient service provider and gain more confidence in selling cloud backup. It made me sleep at night knowing that I don’t rely on some backup that no one even knows if it is running.
Link Up Technologies generates 3-times more margin after switching from iBackup to MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Managed Backup
If it’s not reliable, then it’s not sellable. CloudBerry Lab fits the bill for both reliability and margin potential.
The PC Wizard drops costs by 40% switching to MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Lab
If you want to be able to offer your clients a flexible and affordable backup service that has excellent remote management capability then look no further.