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Datos 101 Success Story

Spanish MSP Achieves Rapid Growth with Help from MSP360

Spanish MSP Achieves Rapid Growth with Help from MSP360

Building a managed backup service that works for your MSP business’s current needs is one thing. Devising a backup solution that will also allow your business to keep growing and meet the backup requirements of the future is another.

That’s the challenge faced by Datos101, a Spanish managed service provider (MSP) that is undergoing rapid growth as it adds new clients and new endpoints. Although the company struggled at first to identify a backup platform that would scale seamlessly along with its business, it found a solution in MSP360 Managed Backup Service.

Large and Growing Backup Needs

Datos101, which was founded about five years ago, is an MSP company that serves clients in nearly all of Spain and, increasingly, other parts of the world. It currently provides managed backup services for about 500 businesses, which collectively include 5,000 end-users to support.

With so many clients to manage, it’s no surprise that Datos101 has large-scale backup needs. As of 2020, it backs up 1.9 petabytes -- or 1.9 million gigabytes -- of data. That’s equivalent to the storage capacity of roughly 4,000 individual hard drives.

Datos101 stores this data on a range of different types of infrastructure. It maintains some backup storage in its own data center, while also using Google Cloud and Wasabi for cloud storage.

Not only does Datos101 back up an enormous amount of data, but it also expects the volume of its backup operations to continue growing rapidly. The company, which originally focused on providing managed services to the Spanish SMB market, is expanding quickly by adding larger companies to its client base in places like central Europe, Portugal, and Latin America.

All of the above means that the managed backup software that Datos101 uses must meet three core needs.

  • First, it must make it efficient for the MSP to manage backup data for hundreds of different clients through a single interface, even when the total volume of backup data reaches into the petabytes.
  • Second, the company needs backup software that is compatible with a range of storage options, including local storage as well as multiple public clouds.
  • Third, and most important, Datos101 needs a backup solution that can continue to scale up as it grows its business to include enterprise clients spread across the globe.

Future-Proof Data Backup with MSP360 Managed Backup

MSP360 solves several key pain points for Datos101. First, the product offers an intuitive, efficient interface that allows the team’s technicians to manage hundreds of accounts through a single pane of glass -- a key consideration for achieving scalable backup operations.

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Second, Datos101 found great value in MSP360’s 24/7 support service, which answers questions in as few as four hours. When something goes wrong with a backup or recovery operation, Datos101 can obtain professional support to troubleshoot the problem quickly. By minimizing the time that Datos101’s own team has to spend troubleshooting backup software problems rather than expanding its operations, MSP360 helps the company keep moving forward by adding new client accounts.

The fact that MSP360 supports virtually any type of backup storage option is a third key advantage. MSP360 can automate backup and recovery operations using on-premises storage in Datos101’s own data center, as well as in any of the public cloud storage services that the company chooses to use. This flexibility is another crucial consideration for safeguarding Datos101’s ability to evolve its backup strategy as its business grows.

Finally, MSP360 offers predictable, flat-rate pricing. The product’s simple pricing structure helps Datos101 to maintain a consistent profit margin even as its customer base grows. The fact that MSP360 does not charge for version upgrades is also an advantage because it means Datos101 won’t have to budget for steep upgrade fees whenever a new version of the backup software is released.

In short, MSP360 Managed Backup Service has become an essential part of Datos101’s backup solution stack. The product offers a scalable, cost-effective backup platform for efficiently managing hundreds of accounts and millions of gigabytes of data, giving Datos101 the confidence to keep scaling up by engaging more and larger clients.

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