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Irish MSP Turns to MSP360 for Reliable Microsoft 365 Backups

Irish MSP Turns to MSP360 for Reliable Microsoft 365 Backups

If you’re an MSP who provides managed backup services, your worst nightmare probably goes like this: A client experiences a disruption and needs data restored. But when you go to perform the restoration, you discover that you can’t, because the data wasn’t backed up properly – even though your backup tools told you it was.

That’s the scenario that prompted the Diatec Group, an MSP based in Ireland, to replace a previous backup solution with MSP360 Managed Backup, which delivers a much more reliable backup experience. The company also finds MSP360 easier to work with and more profitable, to boot.

Here’s the story of why the Diatec Group chose MSP360, and how the platform has transformed the company’s approach to managed backup.

A Data Restoration Nightmare

Diatec, which manages backups for about 90 customers spread across Ireland, originally relied on a different platform to back up its clients’ Microsoft 365 data. The product provided regular reports about backup status, and those reports never indicated that there was a problem.

Yet, when one of Diatec’s clients experienced data loss on a production system and needed to restore from a backup, the Diatec team discovered that the backup wasn’t actually available – which meant the customer’s data could not be restored. Even worse, the vendor failed to provide support or take responsibility for the technical issue that caused the data failure.

Making the Switch to MSP360 Managed Backup

Stung by that experience, Diatec began looking for a more reliable backup and restore platform. It settled on MSP30 Managed Backup.

With MSP360, the Diatec team can monitor the status of all of its backups, for all its customers, through a single portal. That makes it easier to ensure that backups are running as required. And, unlike the company’s previous software, MSP360 doesn’t report that a backup completed successfully even if it did not, or generate false-positive alerts about backup errors.

But reliable backups are only one of the key benefits that MSP360 brought to Diatec. Equally important is the fact that MSP360 is a solution designed specifically for MSPs. With features like automated backup report generation and a shallow learning curve for new technicians, MSP360 helps Diatec provide better managed backup services to clients, while devoting fewer staff resources to the services.

MSP360’s support for bandwidth throttling during backup routines has proved to be an important feature for Diatec as well. It ensures that backups don’t cripple customers’ networks. Instead of having to run backups only during off-peak hours, or warn customers in advance that backups may disrupt their activities, Diatec simply configures MSP360 to keep bandwidth usage below a point that will cause problems for clients.

Bolstering the MSP Business Model

Beyond its technical strengths, MSP360 Managed Backup also offers business-centric benefits to Diatec.

These include, first, the ability to streamline compliance requirements. Previously, because the company lacked an efficient way to back up data to the cloud, some of its backup data was stored at customers’ local sites. That created challenges for meeting GDPR data protection requirements, because Diatec couldn’t always guarantee the physical security of data in locations that it did not fully manage.

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By making it easy to back up data to secure cloud storage, MSP360 has allowed Diatec to comply with GDPR requirements, which in turn has helped the company to continue expanding even as compliance rules grow more rigid.

MSP360’s attractive pricing has been a business boon, too. By reducing the cost of its backup software, Diatec has improved profit margins for its managed backup services.

Due both to MSP360’s ease of deployment and the broader profit margins it enables, Diatec plans to expand its managed service offerings, with the goal of doubling its customer base by the end of 2022.

Conclusion: The Right Backup Features at the Right Price

Diatec chose MSP360 Managed Backup for its reliability, but that proved to be only one of numerous important technical and business benefits that the platform offers. From simple reporting and alerting, to compliance-friendly backup routines and more, MSP360 has helped Diatec supercharge its managed backup business.

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