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Ariento Success Story

Ariento Chooses MSP360™ for Data Backup Security and Management

Ariento Chooses MSP360™ for Data Backup Security and Management

Los Angeles-based Ariento provides fully managed IT services and cybersecurity solutions to more than a thousand small businesses spread across the United States. The company allows small business owners to focus on running their businesses, while Ariento handles all of their IT needs.

Challenges: Security-Centric Backup

Because cybersecurity forms a core part of Ariento’s mission, delivering data backup solutions that minimize cybersecurity risks for their customers is a priority.

The need for secure data backups required Ariento to find a backup solution that enables backup data to be distributed across multiple geographic regions. The geographic distribution provides a higher degree of data reliability and availability in the event of a cyberattack because it keeps backup data available even if a breach compromises one of the data centers.

“Geographically dispersed backup is a requirement in the cybersecurity world,” - Chris Rose, a partner at Ariento.

Fine-tuned control over backup processes was also a priority for Ariento. The company wanted to be able to specify, at a granular level, exactly when backups occurred, how long data would be retained, while managing access control policies for data backups.

Tedious Custom Backup Scripts

After experimenting with a few vendors’ backup solutions, Ariento discovered that they lacked the deep level of control that the company required to keep its customers’ data secure.

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As a result, the company wrote its own backup scripts to integrate directly with data storage services based in the public cloud, such as AWS. This provided the control that Ariento needed, but maintaining custom backup scripts was a lot of work.

Maximizing Control and Security with MSP360

After relying on the custom backup scripts for some time, the company found a better solution in MSP360. Because MSP360 integrates directly with AWS, as well as more than thirty other cloud storage providers, it allows Ariento’s team to leverage all of the granular configuration features offered by AWS. Ariento’s engineers can take advantage of different pricing options for AWS’s various data storage tiers, configure granular access control using IAM policies, control how long data is retained and much more. And they can do all of this without having to write and maintain their own custom backup scripts.

"The company was looking for a backup solution that would meet our security standards while giving us control over the storage.” Chris Rose on why Ariento chose MSP360.

Expanding MSP Opportunities

In addition to providing Ariento with the level of control and security it needed to back up its customers’ data effectively, MSP360 has also helped the company expand its portfolio of managed IT services for small businesses.

“With the help of MSP360 backup solution, we’ve launched an entirely new product brand targeted at small business owners and sole proprietors. There’s really not a comparable solution on the market right now,” he added. “Another backup company even recommended MSP360 to me!” - Chris Rose, partner at Ariento

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