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Consumer Storage Support Is Going To Be Discontinued

Consumer Storage Support Is Going To Be Discontinued

The storage provider choice is among the main principles of a backup strategy.

Our goal is to provide customers with an efficient backup solution. Basing on this, we decided to discontinue the support of consumer-grade cloud storage in our products. The list of discontinued storage providers is as follows:

    • Google Drive
    • Amazon Drive
    • OneDrive

The key causes that served as a reason for this decision:

    1. Technical limitations;
    2. Service and data availability are not guaranteed;
    3. Low security;

We recommend industry-leading cloud storage which comes with a number of benefits such as pay-as-you-go pricing, security management, and many more.

To learn more, refer to this article.

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Real-Time Backup Functionality is at Your Service

Real-Time Backup Functionality is at Your Service

MSP360 Backup's new real-time backup feature, called Near Continuous Data Protection (Near CDP), has been released! We warmly thank everyone who took the survey and shared their feedback with us to help create this feature. 

Over the past few months, we have carefully studied our customers' use cases and started a work scope to improve the real-time backup feature. Now, the fruits of that work are ready to use.

Previously, using the Real-Time Backup feature was not recommended, but times have changed. The following issues have been worked out and solved:

  • Shared folders
  • NAS storage
  • Microsoft Office files.

The updated functionality has already been released within the latest version of MSP360 Backup for Windows. To learn more about the changes, read this blog post.