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End of support specific cloud storage

End of Support for Specific Cloud Storage Providers

End of Support for Specific Cloud Storage Providers

Starting from December 1, 2020, MSP360 Managed Backup will no longer work with the following cloud storages:

  • Aruba Cloud
  • CenturyLink
  • Cloudian
  • Dream Objects
  • OpenStack platforms
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Scality
  • Think On

When new and improved cloud technologies become available and new developments make previous versions obsolete, we gradually make the older version no longer available. This is part of every product lifecycle.

At the very beginning, MSP360 decided to integrate with a wide range of cloud storage providers to meet the market dynamics of that time. At that time, such integrations were more compliant and easy to adapt. However, rapidly growing cloud technologies brought new standards and business needs. This forced us to change the strategy and to shift focus to the cloud platforms that best meet technology trends and market requirements.

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MSP360 announces its definitive decision to discontinue support for cloud storage providers that, for different reasons, are no longer in line with the strategic goals of the company. Further development of these cloud storage will no longer continue.

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Technical support will be available only for customers who have MSP360 commercial licenses. We will strive to make the process as non-disruptive as possible and to ensure that the transition is seamless for you.

To all our customers who might be affected, we recommend considering using one of the following cloud storage providers when planning their future backup strategy:

The features described in the post also apply to CloudBerry Standalone Backup.

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