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Introducing MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop

Introducing MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop

Once again, we are proud to present a new product in our lineup. Introducing MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop BETA, the managed version of Remote Desktop, oriented towards MSP clients.

Imagine all the power of the regular Remote Desktop, along with the management capabilities of the portal.

Let me describe the most interesting features of this awesome new product:

1)    Management Portal – the key feature of the product, which allows you to manage client companies and the administrators associated with them. Flexible sorting options and different views included.
Management Portal

2)     The simple, easy to use, yet powerful Statistics page. Charge your client according to the time spent by your tech in helping them.

Statistics page

3)     My favorite feature – the Deploy Helper. Want to install Remote Desktop on the whole domain via a GPO? Or maybe you want to have a build preconfigured for a specific company? Make it easy with the Deploy Helper. Numerous Remote Desktop options are available for configuration.

Deploy Helper

4)     Got any questions regarding the features or how to use them? Welcome to the Help section of the portal, where you can find all the answers, together with step-by-step guides on how to use the features of the product.
Help section

Important Note

This is the BETA version of Managed Remote Desktop. Feel free to test drive it; we would appreciate any kind of feedback you can provide after you’ve used it for a bit. We need to build the product so that it’s comfortable to use while remaining a powerful remote assistance/control tool. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below or via any other form of contact you prefer. Thank you.

MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop

Feel free to test-drive our new MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop oriented towards Managed Service Providers

  • Extensive management capabilities
  • New Statistics page
  • Deploy Helper feature