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Introducing MSP360 Managed Backup for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace 4.0

Introducing MSP360 Managed Backup for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace 4.0

We’re excited to introduce MSP360 Managed Backup for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace 4.0 with Object Lock (Immutability) for AWS, Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2, SharePoint site restore, support for Organizational Units for Google Workspace, Google Mail backup API improvements, Mail Backup and Archive options improvements, and more.

Object Lock (Immutability) for M365/Google Workspace Backup

With this release, we've implemented the Object Lock (Immutability) feature to ensure that backup administrators have a robust data protection tool. With this feature, MSP360 Managed Backup strengthens protection against evolving security threats and compliance standards.

With Storage Object Lock, users obtain the ability to secure critical data from unauthorized file modifications. This means users can confidently manage their data assets, knowing they are protected against malicious interference and hacker attacks.

Key benefits for object lock (immutability) include:

  • Data Security: Object Lock ensures that stored data remains unсhanged, guaranteeing its security over time.
  • Ransomware Protection: Object Lock is a powerful protection mechanism against ransomware attacks by preventing unauthorized modifications to data, saving it from encryption or deletion.
  • Data Governance and Retention: Object Lock facilitates effective data governance and retention strategies by preventing accidental or intentional deletions or modifications to critical data.
  • Compliance: By enforcing immutability, Object Lock helps organizations meet regulatory requirements and industry standards concerning data protection and retention.

Object Lock for M365/Google Workspace

Object Lock M365/Google Workspace

SharePoint Site Restore

In SharePoint backup and restore procedures, backup administrators face a significant challenge due to the absence of capability to restore deleted SharePoint sites. Here's how our solution resolves the problem:

  • Enhanced Restore Options: With the new feature, backup administrators obtain the capability to restore entire SharePoint sites seamlessly. This includes the ability to recreate the original SharePoint folder structure of deleted sites, resolving the issue of restore failure when the site is missing.
  • Selective Restore: Our solution offers the flexibility to selectively restore specific components, such as document libraries, site pages, or site assets, to either the restore folder of an existing site or to a different site.

With this feature, users have the option to restore a SharePoint site in two ways:

  • Restore as a New Site: Users can restore an entire SharePoint site as a new entity. This option allows for a complete site restore, maintaining its original structure and content.
  • Site Restore to Existing or Different Site: A new approach is now available, enabling users to restore specific components of an entire site such as document libraries, site pages, and site assets to either the restore folder of an existing site or to an entirely different site.

Additionally, this functionality extends to the recovery of deleted sites, providing the ability to restore them from backup while retaining their original site name. This ensures seamless continuity and consistency in the SharePoint environment, even in the event of accidental deletion or data loss.

SharePoint Site Restore

Google Workspace Backup: Organizational Units (OUs) Support

The new feature for Google Workspace backup introduces enhanced support for Organizational Units (OUs), simplifying backup management and automatic activation for new users and OUs added to protected domains by MSP360 Google Workspace backup. With this update, backup administrators get more granular control over backup settings across different segments of their organization, ensuring efficient data protection and user management.

We've implemented a new feature for Google Workspace Backup to help backup administrators effortlessly view and manage users in Organizational Units (OUs) within the backup, tailoring backup policies to specific OUs. Auto-activation features have been integrated, automatically enabling backups for new users and OUs, simplifying onboarding and ensuring data protection compliance.

Organizational Units

Google Mail Backup API Improvements

Transitioning from IMAP to the Google API brings notable improvements in reliability, performance and security. By utilizing the Google API, backups become more robust, offering direct access to Gmail data for increased accuracy and consistency.

With this release, MSP360 Managed Backup migrates Gmail backup from IMAP to the Google API, ensuring compliance with security policies while boosting backup speeds and reliability and providing the following benefits:

  • Improved Security Compliance: The transition ensures compliance to internal security policies by eliminating the need for IMAP, which may raise security risks.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Using the Google API offers a more reliable backup mechanism compared to IMAP, reducing backup failures and data loss.
  • Faster Backup Speeds: The Google API enables faster data transfers, resulting in quicker backup processes and reduced downtime for users.

Mail Backup and Archive Options Improvements

With MSP360 Managed Backup for M365/Google Workspace 4.0, new users now benefit from expanded backup options, with Spam and deleted folders enabled for backup by default. These enhancements provide administrators with optimized control and enhanced backup capabilities.

This ensures comprehensive email backups without exceptions, reducing the risk of data loss and improving compliance.

Mail Backup and Archive Options

Search of Backed Up Mail Messages in Mail Subfolders for Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail

The option to search messages across all email folders is crucial for emergency restores, allowing users to quickly locate and retrieve emails without navigating through multiple folders manually. With this feature, administrators can quickly locate critical emails, expedite restore, and ensure uninterrupted business operations during urgent situations.

Messages in Mail Subfolders

SharePoint Site Pages Backup and Restore

MSP360 Managed Backup now supports backing up and restoring SharePoint Site Pages. This ensures that all critical content and configurations within the SharePoint environment are fully covered. By doing this, we protect important data, minimize the risk of data loss, and optimize backup workflows for administrators. Also, with this release we contribute to the reliability and availability of critical content within the SharePoint environment.

SharePoint Site Pages Backup and Restore

Also, with this release we created the new SharePoint menu where users can select sites to back up or select an option to automatically add new sites to back up.

New SharePoint Menu

New Login Page

With this release, we changed the look of the login page to simplify navigation.

New Login Page


Thanks for reading this blog post, and don’t hesitate to share your feedback or ask questions on our forum to help us make MSP360 Managed Backup even better.

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