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The Top Events and Conferences for MSPs

The Top Events and Conferences for MSPs

It goes without saying that a problem shared is a problem halved. Additionally, it’s been proven that two heads working together are better than one. 

These, fundamentally, are the reasons why we persistently seek to learn from our peers and the MSP community at large. As a result, you get to expand your technical knowledge, as well as improve your overall service delivery and business development. 
That said, one of the most effective ways of connecting with your peers is networking through MSP events and conferences. More specifically, you should focus on the advanced ones that holistically integrate valuable speaker presentations with product showcasing and insightful discussions, while leaving sufficient time for informal chats among like-minded professionals. 

So, to help you identify the ideal ones to attend, here is a summary of the top upcoming events and conferences for MSPs, complete with their pricing and venue details.

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Table of Contents

    ASCII Events

    About The Conference

    Image result for ascii logoThe ASCII Group essentially connects a diverse range of cloud providers, managed security service providers, managed service providers, and general IT service providers. 

    So far, the group has held more than 100 events over 9 cities in North America. In a nutshell, they principally seek to enhance business growth by examining developing opportunities and industry trends, plus establishing partnerships.

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    When and Where
    Although the 2019 ASCII SMB IT Success Summits have already been hosted in 5 cities, it turns out there are still 4 more to go. They include:

      • Denver, CO on the 24th of July running until the 25th, at Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center.
      • Toronto, ON on the 21st of August running until the 22nd, at Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre.
      • New York and New Jersey on the 25th of September running until the 26th, at Renaissance Woodbridge.
      • Boston, MA on the 24th of October running until the 25th, at the Revere Hotel.

    The Cost of Participating

    Registering for the event is free. But, if you’re staying through the night, only ASCII group members who happen to travel more than 50 miles are entitled to one night’s free accommodation.  

    That notwithstanding, you can request the organizers to book accommodation through the registration form. 

    It’s worth noting, however, that failing to show up without advance cancellation will cost you $250 on your card. And if you had reserved lodging, the cancellation fee goes up to $375. 

    Why MSPs Should Attend

    The 2019 ASCII SMB IT Success Summits are ideal for all MSP professionals, particularly the ones who’d like to find out how the current breed of leading IT companies is taking advantage of emerging tech to revolutionize the market and subsequently enhance growth. 

    Additionally, you get to learn effective sales and marketing tactics from industry leaders who’ve tried them and succeeded.

    "The most important about ASCII events is meeting new vendors and getting to see the product in action." says David Wood from Cyber-Fix

    Robin Robins IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp

    About The Conference

    Image result for Robin Robins IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp logoThe Robin Robins IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp is an annual event where IT companies meet up to share new tactics in sales and marketing, revenue growth, plus business optimization. Apart from that, the convention provides relevant tips for managing various challenges in the managed service space. 

    When and Where

    Since this year’s event occurred in March, you’ll have to wait till 2020 for The 13th Annual IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp. It will be held on the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th of April at The Omni Hotel in Nashville, TN

    The Cost Of Participating

    It turns out The Robin Robins group is yet to release the cost details of the boot camp. The only option you have at the moment is submitting your details through their main site to receive the info as soon as it’s released. 

    Interestingly, registration comes with a refund guarantee if the event happens not to be worth your money. Robins Robins promises to top off your full event and travel expenses refund with an additional $300 for the trouble. 

    Why MSPs Should Attend

    In a nutshell, MSPs get to learn the secrets to profitable and strategic growth, revenue development, marketing, plus business success.  The boot camp offers tactical strategy templates for sharpening your entrepreneurial skills in the IT industry.

    “This event was very helpful in all aspects for growing my business. It had great content in most lacking areas of my business, such as marketing, communications, and many others. Great networking as well. I got to mingle with very successful people from my industry, learning from their mistakes, and success stories.” says Burac Sarac from ChatTech Solutions

    IT Nation

    About The Conference

    Image result for it nation logoThe IT Nation Connect and The IT Nation Explore are events that specifically focus on companies that support, sell and service technology.

    Over periods of three days, ConnectWise essentially brings together professionals, thought-leaders, plus experts to engage and share critical pointers about business management, sales and marketing, customer management, scalability and growth, security, plus mergers and acquisitions.

    When and Where

    The next IT Nation Explore event is scheduled to take place on the 13th to the 15th of June 2018, at the Hilton Bonnet Creek in Orlando, FL. 

    That’s still the same venue for the corresponding IT Nation Connect Conference, which will be held much later on the 30th of October to the 1st of November, 2018.

    The Cost of Participating

    It just so happens that the IT Nation Explore and the IT Nation Connect have a similar registration pricing structure. The standard registration price a couple of days to any of the events is $999 while signing up earlier than that qualifies you for a cheaper Advanced Price of $899. The cheapest option, however, is the Early Bird registration, which normally costs about $799. 

    That said, your event pass essentially grants you entry to all breakout sessions, keynotes, and exhibitions. It also comes with complimentary meals throughout the event, including IT Nation’s networking dinners. 

    Why MSPs Should Attend

    If you’d like to know all about ConnectWise solutions and how you can effectively leverage them in your MSP company, this is certainly an event you might want to consider. In the end, you’ll even gain hands-on skills plus valuable insights about growing your business progressively over the long haul. 


    About The Conference

    Image result for MSPWorld logoMSPWorld is recognized as one of the leading managed services and cloud computing events in the world. As a matter of fact, it’s arguably the only one that provides a vendor-agnostic approach to managed services and their corresponding environments.

    When and Where

    The MSPWorld Conference and Expo Fall 2019 will be held from the 9th to the 11th of October, at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

    The Cost of Participating

    Registering for the entire event will cost you $599. And that will consequently give you access to its sessions and networking receptions, plus all the accompanying meals, including dinner. 

    Why MSPs Should Attend

    Quite simply, this is an MSP event organized by and for MSPs. You’ll be able to link up with professionals from all over the world, and subsequently develop your knowledge about leadership, benchmarking, operations, finance, KPIs, plus sales and marketing. 

    Bonus: HTG Peer Groups – Community

    Image result for HTG peer group logoCome to think of it, you don’t have to wait for these events or conferences to connect with your peers. Joining expansive forums as HTG Peer Groups allows you to network endlessly over the long haul. 

    Now, if you haven’t heard it already, HTG Peer Groups was acquired by ConnectWise in early 2018, and subsequently renamed “IT Nation Evolve”. It’s a member-based community of IT professionals and leaders, who freely engage with each other to facilitate progressive learning, growth, and business development.


    All things considered, the principal goal of all these events and conferences is simply empowering MSP companies to expand their businesses as well as boost the corresponding revenue.

    However, since growth is a continuous cycle, attending the conventions should not be a one or two-time thing. It’s advisable to keep reinventing yourself through various conferences and networking groups. That’s why the IT Nation Evolve continues to host multiple informative events for its members every year.

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