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MSP Voice Episode 56 – “MSP360 and Sales” with Brian Helwig

MSP Voice Episode 56 – “MSP360 and Sales” with Brian Helwig

This week I’m happy to be joined by Brian Helwig, the CEO of MSP360 (formerly CloudBerry Lab). In case you haven’t heard, CloudBerry Lab is now MSP360. Brian and I previously worked together at Veeam where we had an office next to each other. When I heard Brian was joining MSP360 I was excited to work with him again.

Guest: Brian Helwig

Company: MSP360

In this episode, we start off talking about Brain’s new role as CEO and about CloudBerry’s name change to MSP360 but then we get into a great discussion about hiring (and retaining) salespeople. Brian’s experience in building teams, and especially sales teams, makes him the perfect guest to share his advice. To start with, Brian recommends a book, “Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again” which allows you to identify the key traits to hire someone who’s going to be successful. Brian continues the conversation with some great advice for all of you looking to hire salespeople.

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