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How to Restore Data from Amazon S3 Bucket to a New Computer

How to Restore Data from Amazon S3 Bucket to a New Computer

What if you’ve got a new computer and you want to restore some data from Amazon S3 to your computer's local drive? In this post, we will give detailed instructions on how to do it with MSP360 Backup.

1Open MSP360 Backup

2Click on the File menu and select Add New Account

3Select Amazon S3

4Enter the details for your bucket. Choose the same bucket, you've used for the backup of the computer, you want to recover data from

5Click Advanced settings and specify a Prefix. Prefix is the name for your computer. Choose the same prefix, you've used on your previous computer

Once you've entered S3 account details and selected the needed prefix, repository synchronization will begin. This process will retrieve the list of backed up files. If you don't see your files, try synchronizing manually, by going to Tools->Options->Repository->Synchronize repository

Once synchronization is complete, you can access your files. Go to Backup Storage tab and select your S3 account from the drop-down menu

6Right click on the needed folder or files and Restore. After that the Restore Wizard will be automatically opened. Complete it, click finish and recovery will commence

7That's all. In the comments, let us know if you have any issues or questions.