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How to Manage AWS IAM with MSP360 Explorer for Amazon S3

How to Manage AWS IAM with MSP360 Explorer for Amazon S3

This article explains what AWS IAM is and how it is supported in MSP360 Explorer for Amazon S3.

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) service provides the following features:

  • Identity management – enables you to manage your private identity space under your AWS account. It will allow you to create, update and delete both identities and groups in your own space.
  •  Capability management – allows you to control what permissions individual identities will have in your AWS environment.
  • Least privilege – enables you to lock down your AWS environment and only provide identities with the least privilege required when accessing AWS resources under your control.
  • Per-user usage tracking – enables to track usage of your AWS resources on a per identity basis.

MSP360 Explorer for Amazon S3 supports AWS Identity and Access Management service. Here is a list of the features we offer:

  • Create/Edit/Delete user
  • Create/Edit/Delete group
  • List policies for user/group
  • Add Policy to User/Group
  • Add/Remove user from the group
  • Generate Access/Secret key for the user
  • Create Policy with Policy designer

See the screenshots below to learn how you can start using IAM Manager in MSP360 Explorer for Amazon S3.

You can access IAM Manager using Access Manager program menu.IAM Manager in CloudBerry Explorer

The screenshot below demonstrates how you can generate an Access/Secret key pair for a user so that they can access Amazon Web services just like any other regular user.Access/Secret key pair

And here is a screenshot of the Policy Designer. Those who are familiar with our Amazon S3 Policy Designer can hit the ground running as it works exactly the same way.
Amazon S3 Policy Designer

Note: IAM Manager is only available in MSP360 Explorer PRO v. 2.4 and later.

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