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Fresh Ideas for MSPs to Promote Cybersecurity Awareness

Fresh Ideas for MSPs to Promote Cybersecurity Awareness

As a managed service provider (MSP), you prioritize cybersecurity. You want your customers to understand how to defend against cyberattacks. To date, you may have produced educational materials to help you teach customers about cyber threats. In spite of your best efforts, there's still plenty of room for improvement.

When it comes to cyber protection, now may be the perfect time to think outside the box. Here are five fresh ideas to help you promote cybersecurity awareness.

1. Conduct a Cybersecurity Fire Drill

Use a fire drill to see how a business will respond to a cyberattack. Set up cybersecurity fire drills for ransomware attack scenarios and many others. Consider the types of attacks a company may face. From here, you can perform drills that give a business a glimpse into how an attack can disrupt operations. Plus, you can show a company's employees how to stop an attack in real-time.

2. Pose as a Business Executive As Part of a Simulated Phishing Attack

Look at how a business executive crafts their emails. Next, put together an email that replicates this executive's style and tone. In the message, ask employees to click on a link where they can earn a reward. At this point, see how workers respond. If workers click on the link, they have fallen victim to your simulated phishing attack. Following this exercise, you'll have valuable data you can share with a business about its employees' ability to identify phishing scams. You can then discuss your results with the company's employees and provide them with phishing prevention tools, techniques, and strategies.

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3. Host a Cybersecurity Escape Room

Let business workers communicate and collaborate with one another to combat a simulated cyberattack. With a cybersecurity escape room, you can use video conferencing software to connect employees from across the globe. During this hands-on activity, employees can work together to analyze and address an attack. Each worker can play a role in the attack response. Additionally, you can get insights into how quickly and effectively a team can address cyberattacks. You can use these insights to find ways to help a business further enhance its security posture.

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4. Publish Daily Cybersecurity Awareness Training Videos

Offer cybersecurity awareness training videos that businesses can share with their employees every day. These videos may be only a few minutes long. Each one can provide tips and tricks to help workers identify and mitigate cyberattacks. A company can require its workers to spend a few minutes each day watching a security awareness video. It can also have its employees complete a brief assessment at the end of each video. With daily video content, cybersecurity becomes top of mind for employees. Over time, these workers are likely to apply what they learn from the videos to their everyday activities. They may also use cybersecurity best practices highlighted in these videos day after day.

5. Offer a Cybersecurity Q&A Session

Meet with a business's employees and allow them to come forward with cybersecurity concerns and questions. This Q&A session lets you hear what workers have to say about cyber protection and what it means to them. Meanwhile, you'll be able to get insights into the security challenges that workers face. Throughout the session, you can discuss a wide range of cybersecurity topics. On top of that, you can teach employees how they can help their company elevate its cybersecurity.

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The Bottom Line

Be creative and innovative as you promote cybersecurity awareness. Step outside the box, and you may find unique ways to teach businesses of all sizes and across all industries about cyber protection. You may also distinguish your brand from its competitors, drive revenues and sales, and grow your business.

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