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Expedited Image-Based Restore in MSP360 Backup 6.0

Expedited Image-Based Restore in MSP360 Backup 6.0

In addition to upload resumption, image-based backup in MSP360 Backup 6.0 gets a performance boost that reduces restore times by up to three times.

Expedited Image-Based Backup in MSP360 Backup 6.0

One of the key features of MSP360 Backup 6.0 is the significantly reduced restore time of image-based backups. We all know that restore time is critical when it comes to disaster recovery, and the faster you can recuperate your malfunctioning hardware, the better.  With this in mind, we've implemented a few tweaks in MSP360 Backup 6.0 to give a significant boost to the image-based restores.

In our preliminary testing, we've seen performance improvements in the range of 100 to 300 percent depending on the type of utilized storage media (HDD or SSD). Needless to say, the results can also be affected by the available bandwidth, CPU clock speed, and other factors that are not related to MSP360 Backup. All else being equal, restoration of the same image should be performed considerably faster.


MSP360 Backup continues adding new features and in release 6.0 brings significant improvements to image-based backup by notably reducing restore times. Feel free to check out MSP360 Backup 6.0 and share your restore times in the comment section below.