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Cloud Backup for Small Business

3 Misconceptions SMBs Have About Cloud Backup

3 Misconceptions SMBs Have About Cloud Backup

In today’s article, we’re going to review the three most popular misconceptions regarding cloud backup for small business and explain why they are fundamentally incorrect. In addition, this article will offer ways to help you refute customers’ common arguments regarding cloud backup and security.

#1. The Cloud Is Too Expensive

Because many small to medium businesses are not familiar with the cloud, they may firmly believe that cloud services are expensive. And they may resist the month-to-month billing requirements.

If your client insists on purchasing an additional server to store backups, the issue comes down to a math problem. Take the price of an average server and add in all the additional costs, such as electricity, maintenance, and security-related expenses. (Don’t forget to add in costs for the installation of all these elements.) The final total is often far bigger than what you would have to pay to a third-party storage provider.

More importantly, make sure that your client is fully aware of the losses that can be incurred due to a natural disaster or hardware failure. All the data on that server they’re insisting on can abruptly be lost, with no ability to recover it.

When the client sees the value of cloud services, it then becomes important to select the appropriate software.

Picking the correct backup software is crucial, and MSP360 Managed Backup is a great option. This backup service works with almost all cloud storage providers, and businesses can choose the most cost-effective solution for their needs.

#2. The Cloud Is Not Secure

This misconception originates from a lack of knowledge as well. Your clients can’t control offsite storage. They may fear that it can be infected by a virus, accessed by hackers, destroyed by fire, and so on.

Of course, accidents do happen, and all of these things could occur. But the odds are much smaller when clients are contracted with a third-party storage provider rather than relying on a local server. Companies that sell storage for a living are vitally interested in their clients’ data security, and their data centers are steadfastly guarded, because if data is lost, they lose clients and money, along with trust and their reputation.

As you explain the extra security layers the cloud can provide, you can offer to encrypt your clients’ data before sending it to the cloud. MSP360 Managed Backup Service offers you the most secure encryption algorithms (such as AES-256).

#3. Putting Too Much Trust Into the Cloud

Rather than mistrusting the cloud, the opposite of clients may also be true. If an MSP convinces clients of the advantages of cloud backup for small business, they may be so eager to use it that they end up neglecting other security practices.

Make it a point to mention that although cloud backup service helps to protect their data, it will not be active if their Internet connection is lost. To be able to restore anything from the cloud, online access is necessary. And though cloud data centers are well protected, they may still suffer outages.

The best way to address this issue is to do hybrid backup and follow a 3-2-1 backup strategy in order to be able to restore in any situation.


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