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Synthetic Backup for Wasabi in MSP360 Backup

Synthetic Backup for Wasabi in MSP360 Backup

MSP360 Backup receives another minor update that brings support for synthetic backup for Wasabi cloud storage. Read on to learn more.


Synthetic full backup was originally introduced in October 2016 as part of MSP360 Backup 5.9.2. It's essentially an evolution of block-level backup in the sense that it uploads only modified data to the cloud. Unmodified data is copied within the cloud by re-using existing bits of information uploaded earlier.

For example, whenever MSP360 Backup performs a full image-based backup, it identifies the data that is already in the cloud and uploads only the remaining (modified) data to the cloud. Synthetic backup has shown to improve performance by at least 20 times.

Support for Wasabi in MSP360 Backup

MSP360 Backup 5.9.2 brings support for synthetic backup for Wasabi Cloud Storage. If you're looking to perform image-based backup to Wasabi, this feature may be useful. And with Wasabi's unprecedented low pricing, you can also reduce storage costs in addition to reduced upload volumes thanks to synthetic backup.

Synthetic backup can be enabled in the Backup Wizard on the Full Backup Options step.

Full Backup Options step


Synthetic backup is an extremely useful option for reducing upload volume by reusing existing data in the cloud. Reduced upload volume, reduced upload time, reduced bandwidth utilization, and Wasabi's low pricing seem compelling enough for any backup strategy. Feel free to check out MSP360 Backup and share your feedback in the comment section below.

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