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Getting Started with MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop

In this guide, we will overview MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop, a remote-session solution integrated into the MSP360 Managed Backup Service.

Initial Setup

MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop allows you to connect to your clients’ PCs and servers.
First, you need to enable this feature in your MSP360 Managed Backup Web console. To do that, go to the Settings tab, General section and click the “Enable Remote Access for all computers” checkbox.
Alternatively, you can enable remote access from the Remote Management tab. When you first try to connect to the required computer, you will be prompted to enable remote access.


To start using MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop, you need first to install the software agent on your and your clients’ computers.
To install Remote Desktop on your computer, go to the Downloads tab and click “Get public version” under Remote Desktop for Windows. You will then need to download and install the Remote Desktop for Windows solution.
There are two ways you can install MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop on your clients’ machines:

  • Go to the Downloads tab, click “Get public version” under Remote Desktop for Windows
    Click “Remote Computers Installation”
    This will allow you to prepare a preconfigured version of the remote desktop for a given company. Preconfigured settings cover general information, inbound and outbound connections and ports, and security settings.
    Note that the Remote Desktop build can only be generated for a company. Once you have installed the build on the user’s machine, it will automatically be attributed to the company you chose during the setup
    Once you’ve done with the settings, click “Generate Installation Script”
    The first link contains the package for one-off installments. You can send it to customers.
    For bulk installation, you can use the command below the link. To do that, you will need to download the build from the Downloads tab, Remote Desktop, Remote Desktop for Windows and add a command with the token to the software or script you will use for silent or bulk install.
    Once Remote Desktop is installed on the target machine, it will be visible from the Remote Management section.
  • If your client has MSP360 Backup solution installed, you can install Remote Desktop directly from the Remote Management tab. To do that, go to the Remote Management tab, click a plug icon. There you need to enable Remote Desktop, and the software will be installed automatically. We recommend using this way of installing the solution only if you need to perform a one-off troubleshoot of a given PC or a server.


To connect to a remote machine using MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop, go to the Remote Management tab in your MSP360 Managed Backup Web console. There you will find a plug icon next to each computer. Hit it and the connection session will begin.
Alternatively, click the gear icon and then the Connect option to get access to the desired computer.
You can also perform several connections to one computer at a time. To do that, you need to connect to the required computer at the same time as one of your administrators.


To monitor your and your administrators’ remote connections, go to the tab Reporting, section Remote Desktop Statistics. You will be able to see and search through all your outbound connections and check their duration.

That’s it. Now you know how to set up, install and connect to your clients’ computers using MSP360 Managed Remote Desktop. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our pre sales team.

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