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MSP360 Free Backup Can Now Protect 5 TB Using Amazon S3!

MSP360 Free Backup Can Now Protect 5 TB Using Amazon S3!

We are excited to announce that the latest edition of MSP360 Free Backup now allows users to protect up to 5 TB of data when using Amazon S3!

Previously, the Desktop Free Edition allowed you to protect only up to 200 GB; however, users of the Free Edition were running into the 200 GB limit pretty quickly. “To make our free edition more effective for our free community users, we have increased this limit up to 5 TB when using AWS S3. We continue to invest in our free products to keep them relevant to our user community, as we value their feedback and continued support,” said Brian Helwig, CEO of MSP360.

The table below shows the current limitations by storage provider:

AWS Microsoft Azure Google Cloud BackBlaze B2 Wasabi
Storage limit 5TB 200GB 200GB 200GB 200GB

We are constantly improving the capabilities of MSP360 Free Backup to make your backups safer. Please share your feedback and experience with MSP360 Backup in our MSP360 Official Forum!

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