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MSP Voice Episode 55 – “Commit to CoMITS” with Bob Coppedge

MSP Voice Episode 55 – “Commit to CoMITS” with Bob Coppedge

Bob Coppedge is back and he has a new book. You may remember Bob from episode 33, Monthly Recurring Relationships where we talked about his MSP, Simplex-IT, and he also mentioned that he was writing a book about Co-Managed IT.

The book is now available and I highly recommend it if you’re looking to grow your business in an area you may have thought there was no opportunity in. Co-Managed IT Services (or CoMITS as Bob calls them) is essentially working with customers who already have an IT staff but helping them to be more efficient. Bob explains the different types of CoMITs and also gives guidance on marketing, selling and delivering CoMITS. Bob talks about all of this and more in this episode and he even gives us a hint about his next book.

Guest: Bob Coppedge

Company: Simplex-IT

Check out Bob’s book on Amazon - The MSP’S Survival Guide To Co-Managed IT Services: A Crotchety Old Geek’s Road Map on Marketing, Selling and Providing Managed Services to Organizations with Existing IT Staff (CoMITs)

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