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Bucket Lifecycle Rules for Versioning with MSP360 Explorer

Bucket Lifecycle Rules for Versioning with MSP360 Explorer

This article overviews how Amazon S3 lifecycle rules can be set for buckets with versioning. To set lifecycle rules we will use MSP360 Explorer.

  1. To configure the lifecycle rule for the bucket, right-click on the bucket and select Bucket Lifecycle from the context menu.
  2. In the opened Bucket Lifecycle screen click on the “Add…” button to open the Bucket Lifecycle Rule window. 2
  3. As you can see there is a new section for Versioning where you can set transition and expiration rules for non-current versions:3

Transition defines a rule for archiving to Glacier: you can set up different periods for current and non-current versions (Versioning section). For example, you can do nothing for the current version (no transition, no expiration) and archive non-current versions in 7 days. Note that objects archived to Glacier are not available in real-time.

Expiration defines a rule for permanently delete files. For the versioning bucket, the expiration on the top of the dialog defines logical deletion of the current version by adding a delete maker as the new current version. The expiration rule in the Versioning section defines permanent deletion for non-current versions.

You can combine both options – transition and expiration; and you can set a rule for the whole bucket or a certain path in the bucket.

See our previous article about bucket lifecycle where you can find more details about the transition and expiration.

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