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License Management with the MSP360 Platform

In this guide, we will overview license management features in MSP360 Platform and walk you through the main steps of the license management process.

MSP360 Managed Backup Licenses

The MSP360 Managed Backup license policy is based on a per-device licensing approach. To make license purchase and management more flexible, we offer monthly and yearly purchasing options. All you have to do is make sure you purchase enough licenses to keep your Backup subscription up and running.

You can select the payment mode (monthly or annual) with the first purchase only.

For MSP360 Managed Backup, we offer three license types:

  • Per-computer licensing - the first five types on the list that are installed on a computer
  • Per-host licensing - for the virtual machine edition
  • Per-user licensing - for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 backup

Buy new licenses

If you’re not sure which backup license suits your needs best, click the Compare editions button to find out more about supported features.

Unified Billing

With MSP360 Managed Backup, you can use any cloud storage vendor that fits your needs. This also means that you pay for the backup licenses in the Backup console itself, while you pay for the storage used in the interface of your cloud storage provider.

To add an additional layer of flexibility, MSP360 introduced the Unified Billing feature in MSP360 Managed Backup, which represents a “one-stop shop” approach. Using integrated storage options powered by AWS or Wasabi, you can manage your backups and storage in one place; all payments are processed inside MSP360 Managed Backup.

MSP360 Connect Managed Licenses

MSP360 Connect Managed requires a separate Connect or RMM+Connect license. These licenses are based on a per-admin approach, with an unlimited number of simultaneous connections for an administrator, and come with a 15-day free trial.

To connect remotely to a computer from the Management Console, you can either use a separate Connect web control panel or start using the product within the MSP360 Managed Backup console.

MSP360 RMM Licenses

Each MSP360 RMM license also comes with a fully functional 15-day free trial and is based on a per-admin approach, with an unlimited number of endpoints for each administrator. The Connect license is included, so you can connect to an unlimited number of machines remotely at no additional cost.

You don’t have to own MSP360 Managed Backup to start using MSP360 RMM or MSP360 Connect.

License Management with the MSP360 Platform

Trial Licenses

With MSP360, you can take a 15-day free trial of any product you need. Moreover, we don’t limit the products’ functionality during the trial, so you can test all the products on endpoints under your command to find out whether the solution suits your needs.

To start a trial on a computer, go to the Downloads tab and switch on the required agent version. Then, download and install it on a computer.

Once it’s installed, you will need to assign that computer to a user in order to start the trial. To do this, go back to the MSP360 Web Console, Computers tab, Remote Management section, and find the computer in question. Click Add User Account next to that computer and select the required user.

add user account

During the trial, you can switch to the commercial license anytime. If you haven’t switched to the commercial license manually at the end of the trial, the user’s computer will be automatically granted an existing commercial license of the specified backup edition according to the license pool settings applied to that user.

To specify the license pool settings, go to the Organization tab, Users section and edit the license pool settings of the required user.

license pool

Bear in mind that license pool settings can also be set for the company associated with that user. To check these settings, go to the Organization tab, Companies section and edit the license pool settings of the required company.

license pool - companies

Licenses tab

To start working with licenses, go to the Organization tab and select Licenses. You will see an overview of all the licenses you currently manage, including trial and activated ones. Click on the license type to see the expiration date and license details. By default, all licenses come with an auto renewal feature; you can also check the Next Renewal Date on this tab, unless it was cancelled manually. On this tab you can also delete multiple expired licenses in bulk. To do that click the Group Actions button on the right and choose an applicable option from the drop-down list. You can remove all expired licenses, remove expired licenses without auto renewal or remove expired licenses that are not activated or granted here.

Licenses tab

license management

On this tab, users can also perform these actions with multiple licenses in bulk:

  • Enable auto-renewal
  • Disable auto-renewal
  • Release license
  • Delete license

license management for multiple licenses


All licenses purchased by the main administrator are activated automatically, however, if administrator accounts purchase licenses, they should be activated manually. Manual activation is required for purchases with a formal quote as well. To activate the license, click the Activate License button in the upper-left corner and enter the license key sent to the purchase email.

MSP360 Managed Backup licenses

How to Buy New Licenses

To purchase new licenses, click the Buy New Licenses button in the upper-left corner or click the green Buy New button in the upper-right corner of the navigation bar and specify the number of licenses you need. If this is your first license purchase in MSP360 Managed Backup, you will be offered a choice between yearly and monthly payment.

License Allocation

Within the MSP360 Managed Backup web console, you can configure license allocation for users or companies.

To change the license allocation configuration for companies, proceed to the Organization tab and select Companies. Choose a company from the list, click Edit and choose License Settings from the menu. Once you’ve changed the company settings, they will be applied automatically to all users within the company.

To change the license allocation settings for users, create or edit a user’s profile on the Organization tab, Users section. By default, licenses are allocated from the global pool, but you can switch them to the user pool to limit the number of paid licenses a user can activate.

Please note that if a user is assigned to another company, the user's commercial licenses will be moved to another pool, which depends on the licensing mode used by both of these companies. If the user account is deleted, this user's licenses will return to the pool used to obtain licenses by this user.

That’s it. Now you know how to use the license management feature in the MSP360 Managed Backup Web console. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us in the comments or contact our pre-sales team.

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