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Introducing MSP360 Explorer 5.6 for Amazon S3

Introducing MSP360 Explorer 5.6 for Amazon S3

MSP360 Explorer, Amazon S3 browser for Windows, has been updated with support for Amazon’s new Osaka-Local region and their new storage class — One Zone-Infrequent Access.

Support for One Zone-Infrequent Access

Last week Amazon announced the latest addition to their S3 storage class line-up — S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access (Z—IA). Unlike other S3 storage classes, which store data in at least three availability zones, Z—IA stores data in a single availability zone. In other words, there is no data deduplication within the same region, and your data is not resilient in the event of data center destruction. However, reduced durability is balanced out by lower pricing; Z-IA is priced at $0.01 per GB-month, a 20% discount compared to regular Standard-IA ($0.0125 per GB-month).
MSP360 Explorer has consequently been updated with complete support for Z-IA. The implemented functionality includes the ability to change files’ storage class and configure buckets' lifecycle policy. We imagine that users will be interested in offloading some of their backup data from Standard-IA to Z-IA to reduce storage expenses by 20%. 

Support for S3 Osaka-Local Region

Another new feature in release 5.6 is the support for Amazon’s latest S3 region — Osaka-Local. Unlike other S3 regions, access to Osaka-Local is limited to Japanese customers and has to be requested from Amazon’s sales representatives. Once you have access to the region, MSP360 Explorer will be able to list, download, and upload files located in the region as well as create new buckets.

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