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Introducing MSP360 Backup 2.6 for macOS & Linux

Introducing MSP360 Backup 2.6 for macOS & Linux

As you may know, Apple is about to release its next version of macOS — Mojave — on Monday. MSP360 Backup for macOS has consequently been updated to fully support the latest macOS.

Support for macOS Mojave in MSP360 Backup

MacOS Mojave is mainly marked by productivity-oriented features like Dark Mode, Stacks, and new built-in apps. Unlike High Sierra, this year Apple didn't go so far as to completely revamp the filesystem and for the most part, left the OS unchanged.

Needless to say, a new release of macOS means a new release of MSP360 Backup for macOS. In line with our annual tradition, the last couple of weeks before the grand release, our development and quality assurance teams work hard to ensure that MSP360 Backup for macOS performs smoothly on the to-be-released macOS.

Our final tests have shown that MSP360 Backup 2.6 for macOS is fully compatible with Mojave. You can expect your backup plans to run without any hiccups and of course features like encryption, compression, and block-level backup have been tested to work without any issues.


MSP360 Backup for macOS continues to be updated and improved in line with the advancement of Apple's macOS. Stability, performance, and compatibility with all versions of macOS remain key priorities of our team. Feel free to download MSP360 Backup 2.6 for macOS and share your feedback in the comment section below.