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How to Enable Diagnostic Logging in MSP360 Explorer for Amazon S3

How to Enable Diagnostic Logging in MSP360 Explorer for Amazon S3

Even though we are spending a lot of time to make sure the product is stable and robust, issues come up every so often. Sometimes software behaves unexpectedly and erroneously and MSP360 Explorer for Amazon S3 is not an exception. But we believe a hallmark of the great software company is not that the product is error-free, but the way how quickly the support team can react on the issue and offer a solution.

MSP360 is set out to offer an outstanding service even for a freeware version of S3 Explorer and we treat every customer request with the highest possible priority.

To make it easier for our customers to provide us with exhaustive information about the issue we implemented a diagnostic log, an easy way to turn it on and send it to MSP360 support stuff.

Table of Contents

    Configuring Diagnostic Log

    To configure diagnostic log go to Tools-> Options in the program menu and go to the Diagnostic and logging tab on the property pages dialog.

    You can set two things here: Logging level and Path to the log file.

    As for logging levels, there are three options available:

    1. No log – no logging at all
    2. Low level – log only error codes of the responses, only errors are logged
    3. High level – try to log as much information as possible

    By default low level is always set.

    Options tab

    What Information Is Stored in the Log File

    MSP360 doesn't store any sensitive customer information in the log file (such as Amazon access identifiers).

    We only store the data that would help us to diagnose and identify an error and as a result to help a customer.

    How to View the Log File and How to Send It to MSP360 Support

    To view diagnostic log go to Tools >> Diagnostic in the program menu. This will open a window similar to the one on the screenshot. Here you can review diagnostic log contents and send them to the support team.Diagnostic tab

    To see the logs file you will need to click the "Open in Folder" link and open the file that it leads to.Logs

    Now click Send to Support button and the log files along with your message will be automatically transferred to our web service.


    We are trying to make our customer experience as smooth as possible and it is not limited to the product features, performance, and usability. When it comes to communication with our support department we are set to offer excellent service and resolve issues quickly.  Easy to set up a diagnostic log is a step towards increasing our customer satisfaction.