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Getting Back to Work. Doug Hazelman is Joining MSP360

Getting Back to Work. Doug Hazelman is Joining MSP360

When I left Veeam back in April 2017 I announced that I was taking the summer off to focus on myself and staying home for a bit. The summer turned into Fall and then Winter but I’m happy to say that I’m back in the game again working with MSP360 and their great set of products. You may notice that MSP360 has some relation to Veeam, most notable is that Ratmir Timashev (Veeam co-founder) is on their board.

The other great thing about MSP360 is that a lot of the people have worked together before, going from Aelita to Quest to Veeam and then MSP360. It’s great to be working with a familiar group of people again.

My initial responsibility at MSP360 will be to help build a community around our products and solutions. While similar to the work I did a Veeam, the products and customers are very different. I’ve been spending the past few weeks learning about the company and products and I’m very happy now that I can start focusing my efforts publicly instead of behind-the-scenes.

If you’re not familiar with MSP360, we have a solid set of backup products for Windows, Mac, Linux and the cloud. MSP360 also has a great SaaS solution focused on Managed Services Providers (MSPs). The MSP360 Managed Backup Service allows MSP’s to remotely monitor and manage backups across all of their customers. All MSP360 solutions also support backing up data directly to the Cloud (over 50 different clouds supported!). One of the unique things about MSP360 is that we don’t tie you to a specific cloud storage platform, you essentially bring your own cloud storage and you’re free to change whenever you want.

As I start my journey at MSP360, I’ll be reaching out to some of our key customers and influencers to get their feedback. My goal is to build a team of top influencers who can not only help us improve our products but also to help us spread the word about MSP360 solutions.